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Pre-sale:   Can call contact us call negotiate, preliminary understanding

1. +86057186706512

2. online messages

3. message on WeChat public number

4. click on the customer service window on the web page

5. Email contact us

The marketing manager will conduct a detailed communication with you to introduce your company and product details, and in the understanding of your funds, personnel, and other points about the situation, given the location, decoration, office documents procedures and other aspects of the proposal.

Sale:  When you know about our company's products and services, welcome to our company's production, basically in Yiwu.


When you have a rough understanding of joining / purchasing our product flow, you are welcome to visit our factory in Yiwu to learn about the scale of production, manufacturing process, corporate strength, service and corporate culture.

When you visit, understand us, you can determine to join / buy products, if you join, we can recommend you the best franchise program, and how to configure the product and so on.

Customer service:  When you sign a contract with us, we can start, install and debug the equipment.

One year free warranty, after each year software updates, hardware maintenance 2000 yuan, hardware replacement pay.