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Our History:


Use VR to fill the gap in education and expand the meaning of life with VR


2015.05 company was established to operate the first three VR experience Museum in Zhejiang Province


2015.10 first generation VR Walker participated in the Hongkong Asia electronic consumer exhibition, selected the most creative products of CHINA DAILY, and was interviewed by TVB.


2015.12 first batch of VR product research and development success and trial, get customer concern, the Museum of experience in Hangzhou Zoo


The 2016.04 seed round of financing, investment institutions are Ali, HOLLEY, Yinjiang background, move into the cloud town


2016.06 complete the first cooperation with the Monarch Hotel Group, and cooperate with several hotels to operate the VR experience area.


2016.08 to obtain seven patent certificates, 6 trademarks, the Zhejiang final of China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition


The 2016.09 second generation Walker prototype was successful, the VR single car was developed successfully and participated in the Ali yunqi conference as a partner


2016.10 sign the strategic cooperation agreement with the monarch group, sign the strategic agreement with the listed companies, and establish strategic cooperation with five VR equipment processing plants


2017.02 cooperate with China Electronic Science and technology group, enter the military procurement system and complete the cooperation of National University of Defense Technology


2017.04 company VR teaching and training system preliminary research and development, the company experience Museum in Hangzhou Park


2017.05 participated in a number of exhibitions, the Shaoxing branch was established, the Guangzhou office was established.


2017.06 complete Cymbidium school cooperation, to participate in the provincial Red Cross science museum project discussion


2017.07 the angel round of financing, the Minister of science and technology, science and technology department director, the mayor of Hangzhou to visit the company, to the minister, released a number of new VR devices


The 2017.09 company moved to the artificial intelligence Town, and the construction of the Yiwu subsidiary company was completed


As one of the leading technology companies in VR industry, we specialize in VR/AR hardware and software research and development, and provide complete industry solutions as well as VR Instructional System, to create the one-stop service for the most immersive and amazing experience for customers.


CEO is a senior entrepreneur in the industry; CTO taught in Zhejiang University with thirty years' sensor R & D experience. Our core technology includes professionals and experts from Zhejiang University, Siemens R & D center, NetEase, etc., in cooperation with VR laboratory of Zhejiang University, The University of Hong Kong, Shandong University, Sun Yat-sen University.