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With VR Driving Instructors And Simulators, Mom Will Never Have To Worry About The Dangers Of Learning To Drive
- May 16, 2018 -

At present, the driving demand is very strong in China, the students and the number is growing.Now, a new type of driving simulator helps to meet the needs of the student driver, it in the car on the basis of the modification, can let the novice drivers for virtual training ahead of time, and to provide automatic feedback.To get close to the reality of driving practice, need to use complex projection technology and virtual reality hardware and software.The simulator is KIT and Chinese partner DriveSim development in the technology transfer project.

VR driving instructor and simulator, mother don't have to worry about learning to drive is in danger is not convenient

For as much as possible the real driving training, they have a German car to driving simulator, the model of medium size, often USES to the driving school in China.The car without the engine, after students sitting in the real vehicle steering wheel, intuitive learning.Modern vehicles are equipped with an internal drive and sensor networks."Through this interface, the traditional vehicle can be turned into a driving simulator, without having to change the look of it," the information in the engineering management toolbox, director of the institute Jivka Ovtcharova professor said.Ovtcharova is a mechanical engineer and computer scientists, his research focuses on innovative product development and production of IT support technology in virtual in different stages of the project.Under the guidance of her development of intelligent driving simulation system, virtual reality can be combined with artificial intelligence and real-time map, that is, network navigation service."Each year about 30 million people in China to obtain a driver's license.According to the law, they must through a certain number of training courses in the simulator, "Ovtcharova pointed out.

In this new type of driving simulator, all of the cockpit display real-time interaction can be activated to: when the driver turn the steering wheel, if he/she press the pedal or changing gear, equipped with a special force feedback technology of compressed air system can make drivers feel road bumps or acceleration.Ovtcharova explained: "in a completely based on geographic information system data of a virtual world, students can have a test drive."In order to create the environment, DriveSim using virtual reality projection technology.Eye tracking system can track the view direction of students, and the right Angle according to surroundings.Students can see a three-dimensional artificial environment, it is the projection on the wall of the vehicle in front, and rearview mirror three display.In this way, you can keep changing driving conditions, such as students familiar with the village roads, but also can convert different traffic conditions, weather conditions and surface properties.

The role of virtual driving instructor is replaced by an intelligent tutoring system.The system can display all kinds of information, such as the projection of the driving speed, the driving error and points out the danger, recognition, also can evaluate students' driving to record his/her personal progress.The real driving instructor can use this system to evaluate, to arrange and driving skills that match the new vehicle driving training.