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What Is VR?
- Jan 22, 2018 -

Virtual reality technology is a kind of computer simulation system that can create and experience the virtual world. It uses computer to generate a simulation environment. It is a system simulation of multi-source information fusion and interactive three-dimensional dynamic visualization and entity behavior. Immersed in the environment.

Virtual reality technology is an important direction of simulation technology. It is a collection of many technologies such as simulation technology and human-machine interface technology of computer graphics, multimedia technology, sensor technology and network technology. It is a challenging frontier subject and research field of cross-technology . Virtual Reality (VR) mainly includes simulation environment, perception, natural skills and sensing devices. The simulation environment is a computer-generated, real-time, dynamic, three-dimensional, realistic image. Perception means that the ideal VR should have the perception of everyone. In addition to the visual perceptions generated by computer graphics technology, there are also perceptions of hearing, touch, force, movement, and even smell and taste, also known as multi-perception. Natural skills refers to the human head rotation, eyes, gestures, or other human behavior movements, the computer to deal with the participants' actions to adapt to the data, and the user's input to make real-time response, and were fed back to the user's facial features . Sensing device refers to the three-dimensional interactive device.

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