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Web3D There Are Four Main Directions Which Four
- Mar 03, 2018 -

Web3D there are four main directions which four

There are four main types of Web3D usage:. Business, education, entertainment, and virtual communities are three-dimensional forms of business and e-commerce that deliver an all-encompassing view of an object and have the unparalleled advantage of a two-dimensional graphic image. Companies publish their products in an online, three-dimensional form that shows Out of all aspects of the product shape, coupled with interactive operation, demo product features and use of operations, make full use of the Internet's rapid dissemination of advantages to promote the company's products. For online e-commerce, sales of products will be made into an online three-dimensional form, the customer through its observation and operation of the product can have a more comprehensive understanding of the decision to buy a substantial increase in the probability of bringing more for the seller Profit

The current teaching methods in the education industry are no longer purely book-based or teacher-taught forms. The introduction of computer-assisted instruction (CAI) has made up for many aspects that traditional teaching can not achieve. In presenting some three-dimensional knowledge of space, such as the structure of atoms and molecules, the process of molecular integration, and the movement of machinery, the three-dimensional representation forms inevitably make the image of learning process easier for students to accept and master. Much practical experience tells us that it is better to accept more information than to listen and say. Using interactive 3D courseware, students can gain a deeper understanding of the actual hands-on experience.

For computer distance education system, the introduction of Web3D content will reach a very good online education effect. For the entertainment industry Games entertainment industry will always be an unflinching market. Now, the Internet is no longer a single static world, dynamic HTML, Flash animation, streaming audio and video, so that the entire Internet is full of vitality. Dynamic pages attract more viewers than static pages. The introduction of three-dimensional, will certainly create a new round of visual impact, so that the number of pages to enhance the traffic. Entertainment site can create three-dimensional virtual host on the page such a role to attract viewers. In addition to the game company released on the CD-ROM 3D games, the online environment running online 3D games. Take advantage of the advantages of the Internet and its audience and coverage are rapidly expanding.

For VR display and virtual community use network to realize VR display on the network in 3D, only one 3D scene needs to be constructed, and people walk through it with the first perspective. The interaction between the scene and the controller, coupled with the high quality of the generated footage gives the impression of immersiveness. For the virtual exhibition hall, virtual real estate construction roaming show, provided a solution. If you create a multi-user environment and can transfer information to each other, it formed the so-called virtual community.

As shown on the right, the performer wore a motion-capture clothing consisting of 17 wireless sensors and 3 wireless transceivers connected to a real-time web to interact in a virtual situation. Coupled with the head-mounted display, track the head and body, can give "I" immersive experience.

Web3D technology can also be applied in such systems as 3D positioning and monitoring, industrial process control, building information modeling (BIM) and stadium virtual display

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