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VR Technology
- Jan 22, 2018 -

Virtual reality is a combination of a variety of technologies, including real-time three-dimensional computer graphics technology, wide-angle (wide field of view) stereoscopic display technology, tracking technology for the viewer's head, eyes and hands, and haptic / force feedback, stereo, Input and output technologies. The following is a description of each of these technologies.

Real-time 3D computer graphics

In contrast, the use of computer models to produce graphic images is not too difficult. If we have a sufficiently accurate model and we have enough time, we can generate accurate images of various objects under different lighting conditions, but the key here is real-time. For example, flight simulation system, the image refresh is very important, while the image quality requirements are high, coupled with a very complex virtual environment, the problem becomes quite difficult.

VR can also provide a lot of convenience for our daily life, take the Chinese most valued house for it, first around the showings around, according to the size of Shanghai, the last seen a house and the next to see The distance between the house ... ... to buy a house in addition to invest a lot of time, but also need excellent physical strength.

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