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VR Technical Characteristics
- Jan 22, 2018 -

Through the application of technologies such as VR and AR, artists can use the more natural human-computer interaction to control the form of their works, create a more immersive artistic environment and unrealistic dreams in the real world, and give the process of creation New meaning For example, a VR-like interactive device system can set audiences through multiple senses of interaction channels and through the device process, artists can make use of software and hardware to facilitate communication and feedback between participants and works to create a good participatory And maneuverability; you can also capture the motion through the video interface, store the visitor's action fragments, to keep the participants awareness of enhancements as the basis for simultaneous display of enhanced effects and remodeled, processed images; through augmented reality, mixed Reality and other forms, the digital world and the real world together, the audience can control the projected text by their own actions, such as data gloves can provide force feedback, mobile scenes, 360-degree rotation of the sphere of space not only enhances the work of immersion It also allows the viewer to enter the interior of the work, manipulate it, observe its processes, and even give viewers the chance to participate in re-creation. "