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VR Or Will Become A Trick Injection Of Methods
- Jun 21, 2018 -

The children with temper, crying and screaming...Believe that such a sight for most parents are already very familiar with, all this because they try to coax to their children into the doctor's office for regular vaccinations.

After all, for a child, who can not needle felt fear and anxiety?


Needle phobia is one of the most common phobias in children, because several times in their entire childhood vaccinations or shots to see the doctor, this is more or less leads to many children's fear of needles, anxiety and pain.

Recently, a pediatric surgeon puts forward an innovative solution, using VR head show to share the children's Pain, anxiety and fear, and the clinical results published in the medical journal the Pain Management ":

Chad Rudnick comes from Florida Atlantic university CharlesE. Schmidt, a professor of medicine, is also a Boca VIPediatrics founder of medical institutions.Previously, he was an eight-year-old children patients thought of the new solution, and when he gave the child the injection, the head of VR to the child the worn on the head and play with VR experience.To the delight of Rudnick, the child did not flinch.Even his mother are incredible ask: "is this true?"

"At that time my mind bulbs as if lit up.But at the same time I also began to think about, such an approach is accidentally a one-off, or will it work again?Rudnick says.


According to previous studies indicate that human attention is limited, so if a man noticed that another stimulus rather than any other harmful stimulus, they will think that the stimulation of pain is not so serious.

To date, there has been no aboutVR technologyCan impact on pediatric studies, so Rudnick decision rather than the other two students Emaan Sulaiman and Jillian Orden to take this opportunity to apply his theory to actual clinical trials.

The purpose of this study was to test VR technique can pediatric patients associated with decreased as the feasibility, efficiency and practicability of the fear and pain.

It is understood that the Rudnick collocation USES VR head and smartphone applications, and the children can choose to ride the roller coaster in the VR environment, helicopter or hot air balloon, etc.Once the VR head and experience in place, Rudnick began to vaccination for children, and the average child of injection process for 30 seconds.

All the child's age to participate in clinical trials between 6 to 17, at the same time Rudnick also use "McMurty children fear scale" and "Wong - Baker pain scale" fear assessment and questionnaire.


In the end, the research results show that the clinical trial in a VR environment of children and reduce the pain and fear by as much as 94.1%.In addition, the vast majority of children study said they hope the next time the vaccine, to be able to use VR head again.And the result, also recognised by the parents, they also said that children in the use of VR head successively, the perception of pain and fear is getting low.

"I hope this can let the distraction of technology can be applied in the pediatric office more in the future."Rudnick says, "in the field of the primary health care, and improve the vaccination schedule on time is crucial for children."

"In order to avoid injection injection, many children in the examination room, kick, and make the crying, so whether VR technique for medical benefits more worth further study."