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VR Is Not Only Used For Games, But Virtual Reality Provides Software And Hardware Solutions For Science And Education Training.
- Dec 14, 2018 -

VR is not only used for games, but virtual reality provides software and hardware solutions for science and education training.


Walking in the virtual world, like the real world, only looking at the name of "virtual real technology", can also roughly think about its service area.

When the virtual reality technology first entered the market, it was doing the business of the in-situ walker. Through wearable devices and spatial positioning technology, virtual and realistic 1:1 restoration was realized, and large scene interaction was carried out. After entering the market for one year, the company's product system has been continuously expanded. The founders believe that science and corporate training is a rich mine worth exploring. He hopes to use science popular music as the future development direction of virtual reality.

After experiencing the virtual fire in 2016, VR was suddenly cold in 2017. The high cost of hardware is one of the reasons for the industry downturn. The purchaser found that the hardware purchase cost is too high. In response to this situation, the three major VR manufacturers Sony, HTC and Oculus have cut prices one after another; at the same time, high-quality VR content is scarce, also for VR Development has formed resistance.

In such a market environment, Virtual Reality Technology has continuously completed the seed round and angel round financing, the seed round was invested by Qunar. The angel round introduced the personal investor He Guangming.


The company already has a relatively rich product category, about 14 kinds, the hardware includes VR bicycle, VR double egg chair, VR racing and so on. The company was established earlier. The technical team covered the former Zhejiang University professor, Siemens R&D center experts, Netease game experts, etc., and established technical research and development cooperation with VR laboratories of Zhejiang University, Hong Kong University, Shandong University, and Sun Yat-sen University.

Previously, VR equipment mainly existed in the VR amusement hall. After consumers paid a certain amount, they could feel the novel VR technology within a fixed period of time. On the one hand, there are fewer high-quality VR games, and the usage scenarios of VR devices are still very limited. On the one hand, it is difficult for each VR brand to form brand recognition. Consumers' impressions of VR games are more limited to VR. Amusement hall.

Virtual Reality Technology hopes to jump out of this strange circle, broaden the use of the scene, and strengthen brand building.

From the perspective of the scene, in addition to the VR experience museum, Virtual Reality Technology can also be used in tourism, training, entertainment and other fields. At present, it cooperates with science and technology venues, universities, scenic spots and companies. The clients that have been served include Vanke, Yintai, Hang Seng Electronics, Red Bull, Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau, Qinhuai River Scenic Area and so on. Its VR teaching classroom closely follows the needs of the classroom, and it directly attacks the difficult and difficult points of the classroom, synchronizes cloud data, realizes classroom interaction, controls the progress of the classroom, and facilitates classroom management.

"We will do a VR training system, and now consider the content within 1 hour, not too long," founder Kang Chengdao. This training system can be applied to enterprises and governments, and its typical development is in the field of fire protection. Virtual Reality wants to introduce virtual reality technology into the field of safe fire protection, and develop more interactive and interactive learning methods, so that firefighters can master various skills more quickly and actively.

From the brand point of view, Virtual Reality Technology will introduce well-known foreign IP and strengthen brand personality. Kang Cheng explained to Hunting Cloud that many VR devices are not very different in shape. Users often consider the two factors of price and brand image when making decisions, and upgrading the brand image through well-known IP is the virtual reality technology. Adopted strategy

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