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VR Game
- Jan 22, 2018 -

Three-dimensional game is not only one of the important application directions of virtual reality technology, but also plays a huge demand-pulling role for the rapid development of virtual reality technology. Despite numerous technical problems, virtual reality technology has gained more and more attention and application in the highly competitive game market. It can be said that since its inception, computer games have been moving in the direction of virtual reality. The ultimate goal of virtual reality technology has become the lofty pursuit of 3D game workers. From the initial text MUD games, to 2D games, 3D games, to online 3D games, the game is constantly improving and enhancing its fidelity and immersion while maintaining its real-time and interactive features. We believe that with the rapid development of three-dimensional technology and the continuous improvement of hardware and software technology, in the near future, real virtual reality games will surely make new and greater contributions to human entertainment, education and economic development. Recreate opportunities. "