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VR Art
- Jan 22, 2018 -

VR art is a new and independent category of art that came along with the advent of the "virtual reality era." In the article "Virtual Reality: Metaphysical Ultimate Re-creation," VR art is defined as follows: " Art form such as artificial intelligence (VR) and augmented reality (AR), which we use as media means we call VR art, which is mainly characterized by hypertext and interactivity. "

As a comprehensive manifestation of the frontiers of modern science and technology, VR art is a new form of artistic language that visualizes and interacts with complex data through the man-machine interface. What attracts artists is the close integration of artistic thinking with scientific tools And the new cognitive experience resulting from the deep penetration of the two.Compared with the new media art under the traditional window operation, the interactive and extended man-machine dialogue is the key to VR art's unique advantage.From the overall sense Said that VR art is an interactive art form based on a new type of man-machine dialogue. Its greatest strength lies in the construction of dialogue between works and participants and the revealing of meaning through dialogues.