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Uber Applies For Car VR Patents: Takes You Into The Car Virtual World
- Mar 12, 2018 -

Uber has applied for two patents to prepare for the development of a vehicle-mounted virtual reality (VR) system. In the future, unmanned passengers can enter a wonderful virtual world with the vibration of vehicles.

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Uber is the inventor of the global business model of the car business. It is currently developing and testing self-driving cars in four cities in North America. After the technology is mature, Uber will launch a taxi to the market instead of today's "man-made network."

In addition to automatic driving, Uber is already considering the future entertainment of unmanned passengers in the car.

The VR Network learned that in February, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued two patents filed by Uber Patent. These patent applications last August 5th, the contents of the two patents are basically the same, and the titles are "Vehicle-Oriented Virtual Reality Experience." ".

Uber mentioned in the application document that many people drive on the same route every day, whether they are driving a car or driving a car. They want to be able to use their travel time to experience something new, not just through the car window. Look outside the scenery.

Uber mentioned that it is possible to use a vehicle-based virtual reality system to provide a unique user experience. This VR system will connect with various sensors of self-driving cars to create a new VR experience.

For example, in an action-themed virtual reality game, the game can obtain information on the vibration of the vehicle, thus allowing the player to feel more immersive.

Over the past two years, companies including HTC and Oculus have introduced virtual reality helmets, but some consumers have experienced dizziness. In the vehicle-mounted virtual reality, the reduction in the delay between vehicle vibration and the game may alleviate the dizziness problem.

According to this assumption, the game of on-board virtual reality may even be related to the terrain and environment of the road surface on which the unmanned vehicle is traveling.

According to reports, how to design related products and technologies to provide a new virtual reality experience, Uber did not mention it in detail in the document. For example, it uses the virtual reality helmet on the market or the more compact glasses.

Uber’s official did not comment on the VR message.

Joseph Gabbard, an American industrial design expert, said that there are already some conceptual designs in the industry regarding the ongoing movement of collecting vehicles or the environment that vehicle passengers face.

The expert said that excellent virtual reality game developers can integrate the vehicle's mobile information into the game software, but Uber has not introduced it in detail.

Users who indulge in virtual reality experiences often “disassociate” from the real world around them, and even allow onlookers to bear with it.

Uber also mentioned in the application documents that the surrounding passengers can be embodied in virtual reality games and content to avoid physical collisions. In addition, U.S. can “watch” whether or not a passenger is stealing personal items.