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To Hit D Network, Greenlight Released 2018 China VR Market Report
- May 28, 2018 -

recently, the Chinese AR/VR industry information data platform reflected d network joint well-known American AR/VR market data analysis agency Greenlight Insights officially launched the 2018 VR China market report.According to the report, by 2022, China head of VR hardware market scale will reach $5.8 billion, VR offline market will reach $1.8 billion, VR content consumer market will reach $816.7 million.

According to the report, AR/VR China market in 2017 public investment events of 76 and total investment of more than $275 million, 43% of the capital flows to the software and enterprise.Among them, 17 up to AR company investment quota of $075 million, up to 59 VR company investment quota of $200 million, and 60% of the VR capital flows to the software company.

On the geographical distribution, Beijing, Shanghai and shenzhen for investment on the number of startups in the top three, 39% of them access to capital investment company in Beijing, 22% in Shanghai and 14% in shenzhen.

According to the report, VR China market in 2017 is mainly composed of cable tie for first show, low-end mobile phone box and commercial head of, occupy the market share of 27%, 26% and 18% respectively.By 2022, the three kinds of head will still occupy the same share (including business head show more will increase from 18% to 29%), VR China head show hardware market scale will reach $5.8 billion, relative to achieve 650% growth in 2017.Among them, the business head will be $1.8 billion market consumption, VR all-in-one will be $943 million.

Head according to the report, 2018 VR China market sales will reach 14.4 million sets, to the data of 2022 will reach 54.7 million sets, among which commercial use head and VR all-in-one PC is the fastest growth.Five years later, VR and all-in-one PC tie-down head will be more than 3 million sets of annual sales, and commercial head show and host tie-down show will be more than 1 million sets of annual sales.

For hardware accessories, the report said 2018 accessories market value of 65% is produced by the consumer end users, but this data will be reduced to 52% by 2022, while the other 48% is produced by a commercial company.According to the report, accessories market in 2018 was $86.7 million, the data will reach $1.358 billion by 2022.

On the content of entertainment consumption, the report predicts China mass consumer users will generate $2018 in 172 million output value, including VR games, film and television, broadcast, and other entertainment content, which occupies 90% share of the game, the game 59% of the market in the mooring (PC/host).By 2022, the content of China's consumer market is expected to reach $816.7 million.

VR is still a major bottleneck in the development of content, according to the hit d network statistics, in the year to April 2018, the main content of VR platform in ChinaSteamOculusThe contents of the PC, Mobile and PlayStation Oculus VR platform number still only 2400 +, 1000 +, + + 1300 and 1300.In the report, we predict the future three years VR content relative to the number will achieve 73% growth in 2018.Among them by 2020, the Steam platform is expected to more than 6000 VR content, butSONYThe content of the PlayStation VR platform will only achieve 500 + number.

The 2018 China AR/VR market report report provided by dedicated to VR/AR industry market data and analysis of Greenlight Insights joint d network writing.More content of the report, please read it in the hit net website to download.