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Three Years Ago The Concept Came True And The Company Teamed Up With Magic Leap To Create MR Games.
- Feb 23, 2018 -

Marvel and DC artist and writer Andy Lanning, the executive creative director of Magic Leap, promised: "you will be able to sweep away all the bots."Not only that, you're attacking them in the real world, even touching them.Hayley Gray, executive producer at Weta Gameshop, said: "when I first tried the Dr Grordbort's: the moment, the robot was flying around.I stretched out my hands and my palms began to itch, and eventually I couldn't resist scratching.It's a strange feeling."


This is a first-person shooter and is based on Dr.Grordbort's comic book world.Dr.Grordbort is the inventor of the Infallible Aether (better known as railgun), and the game focuses on attacking giant steampunk robots with such weapons.One of the exciting things about Magic Leap is that Dr.Grordbort and its mechanical foes can be found in the kitchen, in the bedroom, or even in the office bathroom (as long as you can hide Magic Leap's head here)...

This first concept, video, which was first seen in 2015, can provide us with some clues to help us guess the Dr.The specific gameplay of Grordbort.

"This partnership is perfect because it combines the digital technology of vita studio and Magic Leap, and that's what mixing reality means," Gray explained.

"This opportunity represents a suitable and wild place," said Greg Broadmore, director of game director and Dr Grordbort at the studio.How do you do that?You take all the assumptions of the game and bring all the problems that have been solved in the past to a mixed reality, and you'll find that half of them don't apply.It's a fun process.

This means making a very complex kit in the workshop to replicate the kitchen, the bedroom, or the front office, to ensure that the game is running properly in everyone's home.Lanning joked that even if they had to use 20-foot robots to test technology in their rooms, it would not be a problem for the tower.

Even if you keep pleading, we can't even try this game now.Magic Leap is still a semi-veiled state, but it looks as if they will unveil it in 2018.