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The Orion Spacecraft Carrying The Human Dream Is The Original AR Design
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Lockheed Martin engineers understand AR technology ability, and it as digital infrastructure in the workplace has the potential of a revolutionary tool.As a result, the us-based global technology companies are turning to AR technology, developed a more rapid and more efficient manufacturing of NASA's Orion spacecraft technology, and the mission of the spacecraft is put men on Mars.


AR technology of 3 d digital image can be blended with the objects in the real world, not only can let the engineers more effective visualization of the development of space technology, also can let them from multiple viewpoints to explore possible design flaws, and faster to solve these defects.

For NASA's Orion spacecraft project behind the team, this is a huge advantage.


Although this sounds like a saw in the movie "iron man" series of scenarios, but it's not only a special effects, and the technology is already proving AR, to a large extent has the potential to bring benefits to human beings.

Lockheed Martin astronautics department chief information officer Yvonne Hodge said in an interview with foreign media: "it's really a very exciting ability, AR can accelerate the process of our real, let us more competitive," he added, "when you see all the investment returns, it was really exciting."


Since Google launched HoloLens, Glass and Microsoft to recently Magic Leap One sale, lockheed Martin, Boeing, many giant manufacturing companies such as AGCO have AR glasses as an integral part of its product design.

According to foreign media in 2016 the statistical data, and then using AR head show for work in the United States are almost more than 400000 employees, which also reduce the cost of nearly $6 million.


In fact for the company, the AR already is not new technology.As early as 2015 and NGRAIN cooperation projects, lockheed Martin through AR glasses to make F - 35 fighter.It is understood that the employees are using epson BT - 200 AR glasses, so you can visualize each component and check the equipment information, greatly improve the way the structure of the aircraft assembly.

In addition, lockheed Martin, also used in previous project Scope AR software, such as to help the designers for the project development more easily 3 d objects.

Yvonne Hodge said: "using AR technology can even in a work by reducing the time and cost of staff training, so as to optimize the company in the operation of the financial expenditure.Employees do not need to read the manual in the classroom or view the engineering drawing, but with the help of AR actively perform the actual task."

This means that you can be anywhere at any time to study, strengthen the learning of muscle memory, and have a more vivid and interactive learning experience.

In general, AR technology greatly improves the way lockheed Martin employees work.According to the new knowledge gained through AR technology retention rate almost the whole times than in the past, this also means that the employee's work speed increase by nearly 30%, compared with 96% accuracy.


NASA's Orion spacecraft will from the Kennedy space center in Florida in 2020 launched into deep space, and plans to humans on Mars.Lockheed Martin created the ship can provide emergency stop function, and can be during a mission to maintain life and safety of astronauts, from deep space and provide the ability of re-entry.

Behind human exploration of the universe, without AR technology support.