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The Florida Resort Will Open The VR Roller Coaster On March 23.
- Feb 10, 2018 -


          In recent years, VR has appeared in various forms, from education institution or the latest video game running from VR arcade to the high-intensity stimulation experience of theme park.In September, Merlin Entertainments Group announced that it will launch a VR rollercoaster at three lego resort resorts.Now, it is reported that the VR roller coaster will be open next month.

          Called "The Great LEGO Race (le tall racing) experience is designed for The children, they can wear VR head show, into a fantasy world full of LEGO blocks, as well as and classic LEGO characters such as Surfer Girl, Pharaoh, Wizard and Pirate Captain.

          According to the relevant person in charge, the five drivers in the game will enter a warm-up room first.After that, the five lego racers (hipsters, pharaohs, surfers, wizards and pirates) will fight for the highest honors.

         However, visitors who want to experience at least 42 inches tall are required to travel, or are accompanied by an adult.The VR roller coaster will open on March 23, 2018.