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The First Marine VR Science Park In Guangzhou Has Brought A Lot Of Fun To The Official Reception Of Various VR Experiences.
- Feb 08, 2018 -

After completing the upgrade and upgrading of the guangzhou cultural park aquaculture park, the new ocean VR(virtual reality) popular science theme park project was added to the public on February 3.This is the first Marine VR science theme park in guangzhou. 


The VR ocean science park has brought together many technological demonstration, science education and interactive entertainment, which integrates advanced equipments, including 9 DVR egg chair, magic bike, VR font-family, shadow dynamic time and space and so on more than 10 kinds of amusement equipment, recreation, to let young people explore the sea world in the interactive games, promoting knowledge.


Among them, "9DVR egg chair" is an immersive experience project that combines virtual reality, dynamic cinema, head tracking, multiplayer interaction and so on.It can "immerse" the audience in a variety of environments, as if through a time tunnel, directly into another world that has never been before, enjoying the immersive entertainment experience of its own."Magic bicycle" dynamic platform can simulate various road conditions such as turbulence, upper and lower slopes, and the speed can be adjusted according to preference;Support online interaction, interesting."Shadow dynamic space-time" accurate movement track and smooth control of gestures, space location gaming experience, and equipped with a number of design competition like high-definition video game, to experience a virtual flow experience is completely free.

Guangzhou culture park aquatic pavilion as the nation's first aquatic pavilion, has a history of long and aquatic pavilion with large quantity, the quality of the Marine fishery material, samples and pictures, especially in a large grey whale bone, and a giant whale births display, shows the guangzhou culture park aquatic pavilion as the guangdong Marine fisheries propaganda popular science education base and the strength of the window.