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Targeting Future Commercial AR Can Be Applied To Education.
- Feb 14, 2018 -

QuiverVision, a New Zealand start-up founded in 2013, has completed $1.6 million in financing. The AR application they developed can inject life into colored paper. The startup expanded the range of applications for Education workers, bringing Quiver Education, which focuses more on Education content. Students will be given white paper on topics such as history, biology, geography, mathematics or other subjects. After coloring, students can display 3D versions of their paintings by mobile devices, which can encourage students to learn more about the subject.0H0LSIh02M.jpegFor example, a picture of an animal cell can be turned into an animated 3D model, and students can look at it from different angles, identify different parts, and learn about the introduction. Quiver Education has been open to purchase without any application. If you don't want your kids to focus on TV or mobile games like most parents do, QuiverVision might be your solution.