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Targeting Future Commercial AR Can Be Applied To Training.
- Feb 10, 2018 -

Scope AR, which was founded in 2010, is mainly developing 3D overlay training applications based on augmented reality technology, and they have already completed $21.2 million in financing. Scope AR supports smart phones, tablet computers and AR glasses, which can help front-line technology and engineering employees learn to master new devices. This is how it works: with the aid of the device, the user can see the step-by-step instructions for the device animation.

The editor allows you to easily create training scenarios or technical guidelines. If employees are in doubt, they can immediately contact industry experts and seek real-time guidance, which can reduce the length and length of one-on-one training. Scope AR for specific institutions offers a wide range of customized products, but as they enter the market for a period of time, and provides a Remote AR experts (standby) and WorkLink superposition (animation), they can quickly add additional custom brush. So far, well-known brands and agencies such as Toyota, philips, and even NASA have been using or supporting their products.