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New Choice Of Football Training: VR Provides A New Way For Football Training.
- Mar 09, 2018 -

For example, in football training, youth football training has always been a hot topic in sports research, which has a positive influence on the improvement of teenagers' physique and the future development of domestic football.

In addition to traditional football training methods, virtual reality technology also provides a new choice for football training.

Due to the virtual reality technology, interactive, a variety of characteristics of perception and thought, the user through the virtual reality head and dynamic capture device, can be immersed in the virtual environment, and close to the human-computer interaction.

vr football.jpg

In addition, the physical teaching facilities, equipment and environment requires a high degree of, because of the venue, equipment, environment and so on various factors, there is no promotion or in the school curriculum, can make use of virtual reality technology, lets the student practice in virtual reality environment, not only can achieve the goal of physical education teaching, can guarantee the personal safety of students.

In light of the value and efficacy of VR technology in football training, a team of professor song zhigang, a coach of the general administration of sport of China, conducted an experimental study recently.

This experiment using VR equipment to Beijing haidian district elementary school young football players in football tactics, the purpose is to test whether the VR technology help football tactical training.

From the space positioning requirements of the football field, and the vertigo degree of the athletes, and the comfort level, the experiment was carried out by HTC Vive.

The software USES the VR football training program developed by the Soccer Dream team.

The software hopes to use VR to train players' "ball players", allowing footballers to play "smarter" on the field.

The training programme has also been supported by the Spanish national team and has been used in institutions such as fc Barcelona.

The experiment was conducted for 4 weeks. The experimental group was engaged in VR training intervention three times a week for 10 minutes, and normal training was performed in the control group.

As shown in the figure below, after the experiment, compared with the control group, the improvement of the experimental group was significantly higher than that of the control group (P<0.05).

In fact, the application of VR technology in the field of sports has already been launched abroad, such as the American football game combining VR technology for training and promotion in universities.

The Dutch national team has also used Beyond Sport's VR technology to conduct drills, video analysis and tactical counter-offer in teaching and training to help the football team improve their training.

Traditional sports training will also usher in new changes through the immersive feeling created by VR equipment.