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Member Of The Air Force Fighter Has 20 New Helmets Experience The Augmented Reality Technology
- Jun 22, 2018 -

Recently, 10 member of air force adviser to deep in the gobi, visit the fighters - 20 high-tech weapons and equipment, such as military make recommendations for science and technology.During the air force members to experience new helmets and communicate with the pilots.

The j20 helmet

So, what's so special about this new helmet?

The helmet used augmented reality technology, is now equipped with fighters - 20 aircraft.

The j20 helmet

Data shows, the helmet with 360 - degree comprehensive situational awareness, pilots can be displayed with the help of a helmet information aiming firing weapons.

The j20 helmet

The helmet and annihilates - 20 early helmet is different, more advanced technology level, the performance should have been at or near the F - 35 fighter HMDS helmet.

F - 35 fighter HDMS helmets cost $400000, more than 200 yuan, is expected to fighters - the price of 20 new helmets nor too low.

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