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Magic Leap One Show: Revealed Five Key Details
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Magic Leap in early this morning held a small live show, shows the Magic during Leap One mixed reality AR head-mounted device.Live lasts about one hour, provides some details about the equipment.No see live?It doesn't matter, we summed up the Magic in the live broadcast for you Leap One of five key points.

Camera, sensor and LED lights

Magic Leap

Magic Leap One head show many built-in cameras and sensors, used to track the surrounding environment.Most of these cameras out, but also has a pair of camera users to track the wearer's eyes.Another camera allows the user to record video or photos, the LED light is lit up and display to red, remind others you are operating in videos.

Spatial audio

Magic Leap

Spatial audio is Magic Leap head show the key elements, allows users to with similar way to hear the sound in the real world.Head show the built-in speaker offers a vivid "sound field", even though they did not actually fit the user's ear.Users can also choose to use earplugs for more private listening experience.

Can be customized parts

Magic Leap

In order to take into account the comfort and at the same time when using the first show of accuracy, Magic Leap One has some customizable elements, including brow pad, nose pad/hyperopia and myopia glasses, etc.Head with multiple nose pad, so that the user can choose the most suitable wear position, in addition to comfort, more important is to ensure that the user's eyes in its correct position.

Magic Leap is working with partners to develop myopia/hyperopia lens solution.The company will also provide an optional hanging on the rope.

Head show their own wear calibration procedure

Magic Leap

May need a head show wearing two attempts to adjust to the appropriate position.In the demonstration, Magic Leap team shows wear it the right way, the system will guide the user through the Settings and make sure everything is all right.After wear, the system will start the eye calibration procedures, to ensure that the line of sight in the correct position.

Portable design

Magic Leap

Magic Leap One system consists of three components: Lightwear (head), Lightpack (computer) and the controller.Lightpack can be inserted into the pocket, and if the user doesn't have any pocket, you can use the optional straps.

Unfortunately, the Magic Leap shows only One hardware details, there is still no show its system and operating interface.