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Life 30 Consecutive Days In VR Is A Kind Of What Kind Of Feeling
- Apr 16, 2018 -

Hit movies, "oasis" first appears in the top players is the future of the world in 2025, and in this day in 2018, the film's exclusive VR partnersHTC VivePartners, has joined Vive Studios developers created by "oasis" series as the prototype of the same content of VR, the "oasis" in the movie world in the form of gaming experience to the players.However,Virtual realityThe potential of far more than that.

To oasis because in this place you can do anything, be anyone, but has fascinated about their reason is to have different life.- "the number one player"

Five hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, the completely until more than 16 hours - in a movie recently, developers from Italy Enea Le Fons opened his different VR attempts.In addition to eat, sleep and go to the toilet, and other basic physiological needs, in the process of full 30 days, Le Fons spent almost all time in the virtual world, and his biggest goal is to make "oasis" become a reality.

HTCVive China alvin wang graylin visit Enea studio

"I hope I can create more high quality content of VR, and put my all open source results to the developer community around the world, everyone can benefit from it, makes the VR become an indispensable part of people's life."Love VR twenty years Le Fons wants to be a VR application life of the necessary on the one hand, on the other hand is also exploring the possibility of VR for long life.

Le Fons to combine virtual and reality, in the VR world built a studio with exactly the same VR scene, big to the desk and chair furniture, fine to dishes, each item and its position is in accordance with the same scale and layout.But the difference is that the scene is no boundary, it could be any place, can realize the function of different aspects, the architectural design and sports leisure, both for human VR life bring qualitative change in the future.Be worth what carry is, Le Fons will use of the real world to restore to VR is a very simple method, it took just a SLR camera and for the development of free software to quickly implement this process.Le Fons also want to take this tell developers, 1:1The simulationThe VR community does not need how professional and expensive equipment, equipment to normal development.

Enea in his studio wearing Vive Pro Pro VR content development

You can listen to their favorite music came to the seaside beach yoga training;You can go to a different planet, experience outdoor climbing and hiking fitness;You can also enter the voice control lights club, along with the rhythm of the music and lights.These images are moving from Le Fons team in 30 days this VR life, through the Vive Pro Pro, Vive Focus to create VR all-in-one and Vive consumer version of VR.

Le Fons said: "thanks to Vive equipment and trackers, precise positioning, I can accurately track the positions of all the objects in VR environments.Even in the case of wearing head show, still can observe the surrounding environment and free to move.And, as Vive Pro Pro this support depth equipment used for a long time, my work efficiency also got very big improvement."

In addition, in the 30 days, Le Fons to own Fitbit data feel very surprise.As a formerUnrealEngine developers, steps at work every day more than 700 steps.But since using Vive for development, can walk 10000 steps a day on average, peak can walk 16000 steps each day.Heart rate also dropped to 64 per minute.This means that using Vive the spatial location of the supportVR equipment, no matter for development work or entertainment, user can say goodbye to "nailed to the chair" mode of life, get enough exercise.

Enea outdoors wearing Vive to relax the Focus

HTC Vive China alvin wang graylin said: "I'm glad to see our products can meet the needs of the depth for a long time use, at the same time is also very happy to see Enea experiment after the state of healthy and happy, for VR can be used in our daily life future for a long time in this matter, I am full of confidence, and look forward to see more of VR lovers and practitioners can challenge themselves and bring new breakthrough to the industry."

Whether have online gaming experience, or Le Fons are exploring VR lifestyle, Vive is synonymous with power of implementation is not only a science fiction film, but a support global developers massively multiplayer online game based on the scene to create content platform.The number one player said "oasis" is a world of infinite possibilities, where the only limit is your imagination.But the bold attempt, let us see the world is coming to us, the world needs you to join us!