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Jinan Citizens Of Air Defense Warning Trial Experience VR Equipment Alarm Can See
- May 09, 2018 -

New air-defense micro motor command vehicle, multimedia air-defense xuan room, 16 desk, 40 pieces of mission panel...On May 3, the quancheng square, jinan people's air defense office to organize "jinan 20 air defense warning trial day" event, many citizens by VR, AR technology (Virtual realityJinan, a variety of forms such as augmented reality) understand the civil air defense.

Yesterday is in jinan, the 90th anniversary of the massacre "53" activities in addition to the trial of civil air defense alarm, display show civil air defense equipment, civil air defense policies and regulations, civil air defense construction achievement, more important is to warn people not forget national humiliation, in time of peace prepare for war.

On May 3rd, jinan people's air defense office to organize "jinan 20 air defense warning trial day" activities

Citizens "zero distance" understanding of jinan civil air defense

Event, lined up civil air defense equipment vehicles, terrible spectacle;Civil air defense staff dressed in camouflage uniforms, a twinkle in her eyes;In addition, jinan RenFangBan is also equipped with 16 desk, 40 pieces of mission exhibition board, for people close to visit."Air defense warning trial ceremony, let people hear air defense warning, as it were, to see the civil air defense, advanced equipment, face-to-face counseling air-defense related issues, learning about disaster prevention knowledge, help the general public about the recognition of the people's air defense warning sound ability and disaster prevention, and further enhance the awareness of the importance of national defense and disaster prevention consciousness."Jinan RenFangBan commissioner of command communication and emergency coordination Liu Guoxing said.

Jinan air defense warning trial this year more visual epic, the quancheng square two interactive experience, citizens can wear headphones to listen to the alarm, at the same time, can see warning voice print.

Air-defense micro xuan room for the first time to meet people

Field is also equipped with two new media entertainment, civil air defense mission chamber, it is the integration of computer and Internet technology, new material, new function in the integration of innovation platform, the software is divided into six major parts, more special modules, use of new media, virtual reality VR, augmented reality AR, AI intelligent identification, such as the Internet technology development.

Citizens through WeChat scan code into micro xuan room, put on the VR devices, can experience the virtual air-defense mission pavilion surreal scene, all-round watching virtual museum in different regions.In addition, also includes seismic safety education, outdoor security and various security project experience."For the first time to see this living security education, very lively and interesting."Involving citizens in the experience of Mr Zhang said, "as well as various types of civil air defense education, it will also be able to explain the civil air defense law."

Micro xuan room can realize the unattended 24 hours a day, anytime, anywhere to civil air defense, the use of augmented reality, realize all-round display people's air defense weapon and equipment, more popular.

Activities, many people also in close contact with the advanced equipment.In 2017, jinan RenFangBan investment more than 1000 ten thousand yuan, completed the 4 new air-defense maneuvering command vehicle loaded and acceptance, technical training and training work together."With advanced equipment chain of command and communication system network structure, initial shape of the 7 car a net mobile emergency information assurance ability, completed" the trinity "the civil air defense command."The relevant person in charge of jinan RenFangBan said.

On May 3rd, jinan people's air defense office to organize "jinan 20 air defense warning trial day" activities

Complete coverage of new residential quarters alarm sound

At the scene of the trial activities, jinan RenFangBan first use of the motor command communication system to issue the alert."This marks a air defense warning signals technical means to realize the new breakthrough, a new stage."Liu Guoxing said, "this year to participate in air defense warning trial far more than in previous years, the number of alarm."

According to the VR is understood, in 2017, jinan RenFangBan conducted "air defense warning one hundred literacy action", causing a huge increase in number of alarm."An increase in the number of alarms, also makes the alarm sound coverage and the number of audience size achieved significant improvement."Jinan RenFangBan, he said, as the competent department of civil air defense, urban construction, where air defense warning sound is covered, strive to make new business district of jinan, residential area, industrial park, logistics park built in alarm sound coverage rate reached 100%.In addition, prior to install alarm in schools, residential areas, and other key personnel dense region, the construction of civil air defense warning results more effectively serve the people.Through the air defense warning literacy action, the city's air defense alarm number increased by 31.8%, air defense warning sound coverage was increased by more than 100 square kilometers.

The alarm trial, in addition to a unified construction of civil air defense alarm (fixed, mobile alarm alarms) release system, jinan RenFangBan also USES large outdoor screen, bus mobile TV, mobile phone text messages (the letter), love jinan news client such as air defense warning issued.At the same time, the use of national emergency release early warning information release system.Multimedia, multi-channel alarm release means, improve the efficiency and the coverage of the alarm issue.

730000 synchronization between teachers and students to carry out emergency drills

It is understood that the day of the event, jinan RenFangBan, jinan city bureau of education, jinan emergency office, organization in school in the city the squeal of the air defense alarm synchronization emergency evacuation drill for disaster prevention, and it is also the jinan for five consecutive years in combination with alarm trial organization school emergency evacuation drill for disaster prevention in the city.

On the morning of 10, air defense alarm, jinan high school more than 4000 teachers and students began to disaster prevention emergency evacuation drill.The whole practice process, students from each class orderly classroom quickly evacuated, less than 5 minutes to complete from the classroom to the safe evacuation of safe havens.

According to statistics, a total of 729 schools, more than 730000 people, is in the school, the largest number of people at a time.