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In The Same Category, National Geographic Is The Most Popular VR Headset.
- Mar 16, 2018 -

You can see at a glance that it is different from the usual VR headset, because it is a fully enclosed helmet with the same amount of equipment as an astronaut.

VR astronaut helmet.jpg

The foreign media Engadget is involved in this small national geographic event, and we might as well follow the editor to see the actual experience of the product.

It is said that, in addition to saying that because the shape is like aerospace equipment, users will be more adventurous, and the visual experience of this helmet is different from that of ordinary VR.

First, before putting on the helmet, the staff will help the user put a bracket on the shoulder so that the helmet can be fixed later.

The user will then be led to a seat in the theater and carefully put on the helmet with the assistance of the staff.

VR astronaut .jpg

Devindra Hardawar, the editor of the experience, said the wear-making process felt "as if it were really a device for a trip to space".

Once everything is in place, the user can set up a visor for the helmet to set sail.

VR astronaut helmet1.jpg

Compared with the general VR headset, this helmet may be a bit of a "backroom phobia" because your head is really stuck in a small space.

But what's interesting is that you can turn around and see different "views" in this little space, just like real astronauts.

Each helmet is equipped with a 720p laser projector and a fisheye lens, which are matched to each other, and they are projected proportionally to the curved surface on the front.

The occlusion plate itself is penetrable, so other people can see what you see.