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How To Use Virtual Reality Technology, Combined With Network Technology, Heritage Display, Protection To A New Stage
- Mar 03, 2018 -

How to use virtual reality technology, combined with network technology, heritage display, protection to a new stage

First of all, it displays the important resources of the cultural relics entities through the means of image data collection, the establishment of a physical three-dimensional or model database, the preservation of various original types of cultural relics and the spatial relations, and the realization of scientific, high-precision and permanent preservation of endangered cultural relics resources. Second, the use of these technologies to improve the accuracy and prejudgement of cultural relics, select the protection means to be used, and can shorten the repair time. Through the computer network to integrate a wide range of cultural relics resources, and through the network to use virtual technology in a wide range of more comprehensive, vivid and realistic display of artifacts, so that cultural relics from geographical constraints, sharing of resources and truly become a mankind can "Owned" cultural heritage. The use of virtual reality technology can promote the cultural industry faster access to the information age, the modernization of cultural relics display and protection

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