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How To Distinguish Whether A Hardware Device Is VR Or AR By Appearance?
- Oct 11, 2018 -

How to distinguish whether a hardware device is VR or AR by appearance?

Many people tend to confuse the concept of VR with AR, thinking that the two are the same thing, but in fact, it seems that AR and VR are not only related to cutting-edge technology, no matter in technology or application. So today, VR and AR are just as popular. How do ordinary consumers change their way? Let’s look at a picture:

The most basic, can you tell whether these three hardware devices belong to VR or AR?

VR device:

The current VR equipment is usually "bulky" and has the following characteristics: it needs to be covered like a helmet on the head; it is completely enclosed, and there are rubber or sponge products in contact with the face to make the face and equipment closely fit to prevent light leakage; The lens is typically a circular convex lens.

AR device:

AR devices are relatively "lightweight" (the hardware devices in the AR field are actually quite broad. This article only refers to wearable devices.) AR devices are usually presented in the form of glasses, such as Google glass, which is usually a square prism. After the user wears the AR glasses, the image is projected on the prism through the micro projector in the frame, and then reflected by the prism to the human eye. The human eye passes through the prism to view the display content superimposed on the real scene.

So back to the beginning of the picture, Figure 2 and Figure 3 are AR equipment Google glass and VR equipment Oculus, then Figure 1, Microsoft's Hololens belongs to what? Because it doesn't look like Oculus is heavy, and Google Glass is not light. But then we look at a picture and understand:

We can see that Hololens has a holographic lens (non-circular) that is similar to Google Glass. The helmet is not closed, so we judge it is an AR device. Is it simple?

Different from the immersion of VR virtual reality, AR (Augmented Reality) augmented reality, as the name suggests, enhances the real world experience through the device, the user is in the real world, and the observed content is superimposed on the real world. of.

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