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Harvard University Has Developed A Zoom Lens Closer To The Human Eye That Can Be Used In AR/VR.
- Mar 08, 2018 -

It is understood that this kind of lens can control the image clear and fuzzy main three characteristics: focus, astigmatism, image displacement.


The team says it can also combine artificial muscle technology to create adjustable lenses, which can do the same thing as the human eye.

The normal artificial eye has the function that the human eye does not have, but it can correct myopia, astigmatism and so on.

If placed in glasses, it can be a great help for visually impaired people.

In addition, the technology can be used in the smartphone camera, VR/AR hardware and other products, the real-time change of focus glasses is a very promising technology.


Even the technology can be applied to optical microscopes, where the harvard technology development office has patented and protected the technology, and is now exploring commercial opportunities.