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Famous Defense Contractor Lockheed Martin Development MAIA Systems, With AR/VR Auxiliary Human Beings To Land On Mars
- Apr 18, 2018 -

When you are not far away from home, car suddenly failure may cause inconvenience to you, but in the face of this situation, you can call the trailer to the car to the repair shop, and soon can solve them.But when you are away from home for more than 100 million kilometers, the happening of this kind of failure, it can lead to disastrous consequences.

Lockheed Martin launch MAIA is designed to help astronauts from deep space there is the possibility of cheer up in all sorts of unexpected disaster, lockheed Martin will machine learning and artificial intelligence as well as the combination of VR/AR, in order to supply the astronauts may need more than 40 minutes to get the task response of manned space exploration mission to provide more independent problem solving ability.

For lockheed called "digital ecosystem" MAIA is essentially a artificial intelligence assistant, is a part of lockheed support NASA NextSTEP project.The project is mainly responsible for developing human Mars technology.

MAIA system combines the spacecraft and the ground command center of digital information, complete can real-time distributed simulation according to these information through the machine all kinds of unexpected situation, astronauts can, through to understand the status of the spacecraft's VR/AR, real information of spacecraft from virtual image, rather than to the actual detection, to ensure the safety of astronauts.

Lockheed hope to use the systemNASAIs expected to land on Mars in 2030 of the Orion space ship.Lockheed NextSTEP project manager Bill Pratt said: this system is able to astronauts in space, the work is not the ground command help provide crucial remedial measures.

"Little communication on low-earth orbitdelay, if you have any emergency, astronauts can contact headquarters, several hours can be returned to the ground, and on Mars, astronauts and command communication delay will be up to 40 minutes.So if appear problem, near Mars in 40 minutes, the astronauts can't get any help on the earth.Space, therefore, the crew must be in this period of self-reliance."Bill Pratt said.

A typical example is the Apollo 13 mission, the spacecraft launched in April 1970, NASA's third manned mission to the moon.Launched just two days, space cabin ship lose a lot of oxygen and oxygen tank explosion power and triggered a series of problems endanger the whole task, the final three astronauts returned to earth decided to use the lunar module as a lifeboat space.The success of the three astronauts returned to earth, largely because the communication delay between the earth and the moon is less than 3 seconds.If on Mars, 40 minutes of communication delay will lead to such assistance shall be invalid.

In NASA envisions the astronauts during a trip to Mars, or in the moon's orbital station, can according to MAIA system provided by the word "digital" twin trying to solve some problems.According to introduction, lockheed are using developed by NEC corporation of Japan "SIAT" analysis engine to collect from satellitesThe sensorData to help MAIA system predict possible problems and response of the spacecraft.

"By MAIA, astronauts can in AR virtual image sensor such as heat and gas mixture in the data.Although NASA has yet to incorporate the MAIA official technology, but the main contractor lockheed's Orion spacecraft, the same AR technology is to use on the international space station.Before these tools really available while the international space station has appeared, but the development of these technologies, very fast, perhaps one day you can't imagine without these tools space in the world."The lockheed commercial civil space business senior project manager Tony Antonelli said.

MAIA spacecraft is not a simple pair of finished product to scan and analysis, but the stage in the design of spacecraft will have begun to analysis of the craft manufacture craft and material.Bill Pratt said: "before we start for spacecraft construction, we are ready to digital assistant.Had already begun when we are studying through the Gateway development work, we use the first part of the simulation and mathematical model to construct MAIA, whenever we establish a model of a subsystem division, he became a part of the MAIA.When we are not only through the design, and through the actual manufacturing, assembly and testing of the spacecraft, this will only make a series of data MAIA become more smart!"

Locke had to have been used in the design and build the Orion spacecraftAugmented realityTechnology, through the AR technology, engineers in Orion simplifies not hatch before part of the assembly, saving time and cost, and reduces the error rate.

MAIA most AR work is with the Scope of AR cooperation, including NEC of strange learning system provides numerous system will be before the problem present in front has solution.Antonelli said: "if you don't have a set of technical support, such as electronic circuit, signal interference problems will hinder our mission, in the future, these problems can be solved by MAIA systems."