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Digital Platform Alibaba Investment Ordre Main Virtual Clothing Display And VR Fashion Show
- May 29, 2018 -

It is reported that alibaba has invested in a number of luxury goods at a high price wholesale company Ordre, although at present, the financial details about this investment were not disclosed, but in after completion of the transaction, alibaba Ordre will get big data support and recognition of its high-end luxury consumers in China.


"I believe the business cooperation between both sides will make the Ordre has technology can get further development and application, at the same time, we also very happy to be able to give the designer of a greater benefit of our cooperation, and create more for China's booming luxury goods market conditions."Ordre founder and chief executive Simon said the Lock.

Founded in Australia is famous for its fashion week Simon the Lock, and his wife, director of the modelling of bazaar magazine Kirsten in 2015 founded the Ordre.As a digital platform for the luxury goods wholesale, Ordre to original 360 - degree panoramic clothing VR and display featuring a fashion show, even at home can let consumers like or show in the shop, get more intuitive clothing shopping experience.


At present, the Ordre platform has provided 156 designers of virtual costume exhibition hall, and with the Proenza Schouler, Thom Browne, Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney, and other brand cooperation to help the more contact global buyers.In addition, because of every fashion brand display more intense due to seasonal periodicity, and this led to many buyers will miss part of the brand's showroom appointments, took a fancy to this point, Ordre specifically for this part of the buyer provides a virtual showroom in order to help the reservation wholesale orders in a timely manner.

For in August 2017 launched Luxury platform key-2 Luxury Tmall Pavilion, it is still a novice in the field of Luxury goods.

"Our investment in Ordre marks we want the position in the global fashion industry to further improve, at the same time also strengthened the us as a partner of brand positioning, let the Chinese consumers and craving international luxury brand can better interact," day cat President Jessica Liu said, "in addition, it also will Ordre advanced technology with alibaba library matches the unique data analysis.We launched last year, for example, the luxury of platform is a good example, it specially set to purchase demand for luxuries consumers, for consumers to provide a more personalized and differentiated experience, to help the brand to develop further interaction with them."

Nelson issued "China's Internet development trend of consumers" related report, which states that China has 84% of consumers shopping, often on the phone as much as 92% of consumers have used or are using online payment platform.

And with the continuous development of cross-border commerce, such as Ordre technology digital fashion company cooperation with China's e-commerce will probably become a new trend of development.