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Cooking Game VR Hand Speed Fast Food Restaurants Take Business Model
- May 04, 2018 -

VRonline reproduced, the cooking game VR: hand speed Fast food restaurants take business model

Metering equipment: Oculus Rift CV1

VR depicting the food in the game is not much more special, regardless of the food the zombie strange game, nice restaurant and give people a good impression of the game is basically a handful.Oculus recently launched a food manufacture class Game "The Cooking Game VR", don't know in The name of The simple and crude, The actual Game experience.

The Cooking Game VR (The Cooking Game VR) is a simulation of The restaurant business leisure action Game.Players in the game play restaurant chef, to meet the needs of hungry customers, make all kinds of food.

Honor battle

For food kind of VR games, in my opinion is a version of the Gospel, especially modeling fine food looks kind of forefinger big move feeling letting a person.Not long ago the game of KFC, although is not a well-made, but after the experience when we ordered KFC take-away, can only say that version is no immunity for food.

Today The Cooking Game VR (The Cooking Game VR) from Game name alone can probably guess Game content.And in fact the game is a game with fast food as the theme of cooking, players play good cook all kinds of fast food to meet the needs of our customers.

Before most of these game basic is this pattern, so we didn't feel surprised, instead of the game fresh.But the game in addition to the old routine also added new experiences.

VRonline reproduced, the cooking game VR: hand speed Fast food restaurants take business model

Grab a single game

Past we experienced similar games are generally stand-alone mode, the most is the local co-operative mode of play.Two games added the multiplayer game, players can match with other online players.

Mode base to carry out the whole game, including single level model is against the routines, but that's just against game AI.Levels mode condition and each related difficulty is different, the strength of the AI is also each are not identical, but as long as you don't sleep too food is not lost.

Who are not so simple, online, after all, is also facing the players would experience more challenging.The turnover of the last players each competition authorities, it may be said is the honor battle between chefs, sufficient competition of players.

VRonline reproduced, the cooking game VR: hand speed Fast food restaurants take business model

Only three kinds of food production experience

The test of hand speed and endurance

Although the game is finally see sales of things on this data, sound is not a very difficult thing, but the actual game operation can not be so good to deal with.

Game operation is not too much complicated movements, basically entered the game control technique can be mastered, but we want to win the game by a strong hand speed and endurance.

Games against pattern is both sides coexist in a restaurant, customers come in after order food content will be displayed on the screen, players need to order to production and serving.Sounds simple, but the two sides need to grab the guest, that is to say who do fast who has the advantage, in order to gain more order, earn more money.

Problems and summary

So the players on the one hand, to experience the fun of cooking, don't forget this is a battle.In the actual game players will be able to feel what is called the controls, when I first got into the game may abandon the game can be cooking good food less, in the end will definitely glad this design, do not panic and in because there.

But the game is no patience for people may not be suited to experience, because the repeat the same things, have to race against time to operation, may produce irritable mood.The effect of game experience is to cook really similar, a lot of dishes of the few small restaurant cooks spent every day also is so, still feel very meaningful experience.

VRonline reproduced, the cooking game VR: hand speed Fast food restaurants take business model

Pure manual body feeling rich

Experience is too single

Operating fast-paced game although very carefree, but to put it bluntly, after all, is a game, game is different from real life, so the content of the high repeatability and fail to bring good gaming experience.

Game in fast food restaurants have hamburgers, hot dogs, fries three foods, players have been repeatedly in levels and against production with the food, although every step needs to be done manually, but is ultimately under cycling feel fun, so you lost the game.

Even can play online with players, experience a few times more will also feel a little boring, let alone crossing section.Although the level of design are more rich content, but the players don't fun to play, also to no avail.

VRonline reproduced, the cooking game VR: hand speed Fast food restaurants take business model

Props to buy store

Game set up a mall, although can through the levels of the stars as a monetary props for food shopping, but also is only an increase in the number of these items and simplify the operation, and no practical experience brought about many changes to the game, so did not achieve the goal of increasing gameplay.


In general, as a result of repetitive content operations, the actual game playability is not very high, is suitable for small when it's leisure entertainment experience, not suitable for long time experience.But compared with some similar works before, the game still has some merit, increase online mode and single play was very interesting.