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China's Tourism Industry Is Entering The Era Of Virtual Reality.
- Feb 24, 2018 -


The "VR leap guizhou" held by guiyang Oriental science fiction valley theme park

At present, China's application of VR/AR and holographic images is far more than that of other countries in Asia, which also means that it has brought our tourism and entertainment industry to a new height.

By 2016 alone, more than $2.7 billion has been invested in tourism in the United States alone."In the past, people were just looking for basic low end travel projects, but now they want a better and more comprehensive adventure," according to the head of an authoritative data agency.In China, 


China's first virtual reality (VR) theme science park "Oriental sci-fi valley"

It is understood that the local government hopes its theme park haining light show to be able to reach the level of the Sydney opera house, and since September, the theme park has attracted more than 3.9 million tourists sightseeing, each ticket fare is as high as 80 yuan.

"It's a simple idea. Visitors come to buy leather goods during the day, and at night they can stay and watch the light show.""It's not just a ticket revenue, it's also going to drive the restaurant industry and the hotel industry," says founder Nth Power.

Some of China's biggest Internet companies are also working with local governments to get involved.

In wuhu, anhui province, social media giant tencent is planning to build an e-sports theme park themed with anime characters and online games.

Alibaba, the famous e-commerce giant, has also been using a series of specific AR games to boost consumer spending.


Shanghai ultraviolet restaurant.

Shanghai's famous restaurant, the ultraviolet restaurant, provides customers with immersive dining experience through specific techniques and sound effects.

Also in Shanghai, the buddhist temple mount putuo is building a hologram exhibition, such as the projection of a shimmering avalokitesvara in the lotus.

In guangzhou zoo, a virtual reality area has been added recently to help visitors understand how the bats hunt and feed the virtual giant pandas.

Along with our country economy and all areas of development by leaps and bounds, using a variety of new technology to attract tourists has become one of the choice of cities, especially big companies investment priorities.

"Don't underestimate the need for VR/AR hologram theme parks between cities," says Nth Power's founder.

"Even in places like hangzhou and hainan, where tourism is very developed, these technologies are needed."