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Change The Way Of Training The U.S. Navy Development Of VR/AR Training System For The Trainer
- May 30, 2018 -

Advanced simulation and training software developers - Bohemia interactive simulation company (BISim) announced on May 16, will use the new enhancements and virtual reality technology, a T - 45 trainers for the U.S. navy unit training techniques.

T45 trainer

BISim company through PMA - 205 project office (navy), and the naval air warfare center training systems division provides support for naval aviation training at the same time, will develop an augmented reality vision system, make the students through the head-mounted display can be immersed in high-fidelity virtual environment, and be able to interact with T - 45 simulator cockpit.In addition, the BISim company will also develop two T - 45 trainers special virtual reality (VR - PTT) training, supplement the existing virtual and on-site training.Two BISim solution to be used by the company's VBS Blue IG image generation technology.

"Virtual and augmented reality may fundamentally change the way the crew training," BISim John Burwell said vice President of business development."These solutions can reduce the training cost, provide the necessary training, and ultimately improve the pilot's readiness to bring huge gains for the U.S. navy."

Augmented reality vision system can make the pilot immersed in the virtual environment, but at the same time can see physical simulator cockpit in virtual environment and interact with it.Its nature is that it USES only one special head-mounted display and a single image generation channel can provide a full 360 - degree view.Once developed, means that the solution can be augmented reality vision and all in combination with the simulator used at present, with the traditional image generation and compared based on the project solution, at least can save the cost of an order of magnitude.

Based on the previous training for the F/A - 18 aircraft development system, BISim will create the second generation of VR - PTT, improve the resolution and to improve the user interface.VR - PTT will useVR technologyCopy T - 45 trainer wheel, avionics and flight dynamics characteristics, so that for a particular need for training.System USES biological sensing technology to create an intuitive user interface, tracking user gestures in the real world and will be showed in the virtual environment.This interface allows the pilot to select virtual buttons, instrument and interact with switch, like in a real plane did.VR - PTT will use SASimulation company FLEX - air plane dynamics and avionics simulation solution.The solution is designed to support basic flight, the cockpit is familiar with, the carrier landing and basic combat maneuvers.