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Body Feeling Game
- Feb 10, 2019 -

Body feeling game, operating through the Internet platform, human-computer interaction, interactive online first players, competitive sports, the aggregation of physical fitness sports, at the same time to join the WII and the XBOX game of similar project, do not need to handle, using the body to finish the game directly, namely video recognition technology, rely on the camera to capture the movement of the player in three dimensional space, in the demonstration of the game, players kicked exists only in 屛 act of football, and stretched out his hand and tried to blocked goals. In a driving game, the player turns an imaginary steering wheel to control a racing car in a video game. The technology, developed by Microsoft's Xbox360, is leading the way internationally, while at home the "sports home" camera that generations of stars provide to hisense's smart TV in embedded form is also known.

Through the xeyez 3d motion recognizer, optical binocular stereo recognition and tracking technology is adopted to identify the real human body movement, and the user's motion behavior is reflected on the electronic display screen in real time.