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Back To See The Development Of VR On Road Way Resistance And Long VR Technology Bottleneck
- Apr 25, 2018 -

No. 1 player: "oasis" essential a few outfit

"The number one player" plot is very simple, that's right, this is the future of the film in the real-world civilization eke out a living on the dump.

In which a player can do - whether you want to become a clark Kent or salted egg superman, whether do you want to live down on the floor of the Atlantic or the Lagrange point, whether do you want to punish illegal justice fanatics or pure want to cool want to kill people, can be found in "oasis" way to satisfy the desire of method.From novels, films, music, games, to you I can imagine all of creation, can be found in the "oasis" lifelike virtual reality reproduced version;In a word, besides blended all over the world to die, this hold on "oasis" new civilization was impeccable.

"Oasis" is critical to the success of the company invented by two interactive social simulation system hardware, they are entering the virtual scene must thing in the world: the oasis head and touch gloves.

Wireless VR head show

The number one player didn't waste a lot of time to explain the role of various devices, but for wade's head show (and most other characters used by head show), it looks like a pair of fashionable ski goggles.Lightweight, wireless, can operate without any external hardware.No matter where, just put on the device you'll be able to enter the virtual world called "oasis".

Head show just bigger than ordinary sunglasses, bridge and host in wireless way.And in the retina of users to establish image, is the lens on the low-power laser array of harmless to humans.The head of science and technology content is higher than the similar products for several generations, he is a visual simulation technology leap.

Touch gloves and whole body suit

The number one player in the VR users wear special gloves to interact with the virtual screen, at the same time to be able to "sense" to the virtual items.Movie, as long as there is enough money can buy a body force feedback device, let the body feel the impact, such as more real feeling.

Users can control their role hand subtle movements, and an interactive virtual environment, let all life..."

The X1 suit

True immersive, this is the pursuit of VR gamers.But the reality is that the immersive visual and auditory is easy to implement, but the sense of smell, touch, such as immersive perception is difficult to achieve.X1 suit ", "in the top players can bring tactile sense of reality to the player.

There is such a plot in the film, the heroine of the second puzzle, the key to solve in the VR world to the image of a modern girl invite male leading role to the ballroom.When the girl close to the actor wearing body feeling equipment "X1 suit" actor in reality also experience the sense of touch.

The feeling of the submerged body in reality can get?"This requires players to put on the force feedback vest body suit."Swim very virtual reality culture communication co., LTD., co-founder of Yang Zhigong for science and technology journal reporter said, if you do like in the movie, still need more sense of sensors connected to the full body suit.

The virtual image of the main men and women on the dance floor

Seems is the highlight of the movie things to think of the future development and application of virtual reality, "oasis" is so fascinating, for three reasons: 1. All the objects in the game are used to render the 3 d model, the game scene like the real world almost to the look and feel of the login game players in the game also has a virtual three-dimensional image;2. The player is the first person perspective, relies on VR glasses have immersive visual experience, all of them, and see the scenery of the transformation of the perspective, meaning that the 3 d model is response players eye movement of real-time load, players in the game part was also have real touch or force feedback, such as driving a car or shuttle in the game, players of the game's virtual image can also be synchronized to make players do in the real world of expressions and actions;3. This is more than a real-time interactive virtual reality system.

Back to the development of VR, along road way resistance and long

VR is cool, but it's starting from the date of birth, there is a congenital deficiency.Severe VR flow experience, much by PC support, you need to use the cable connection and PC.And in order to gain immersive experience, users have to blindfolded in the completely closed environment, do not know anything about the surrounding.Constriction, security has become a hurdle that prevents people from experience.

Even if the user is fearless, there is another virtual reality in front of them unsolved ills, dizziness.In VR content experience, the brain will accept his eye to the moving images in VR devices, and directing the body together, but the body is actually stationary.Cerebellar maintain physical functioning, the wrong signals from the received signal processing, the right brain can lead to other organs disorders.VR content in the mobile and the reality of dislocation caused by static, will eventually cause dizziness and vomiting.

Also because of dizziness problem difficult to solve, as far as possible in order to reduce the occurrence of vertigo, people to find a compromise to mobile solutions - to change the game mode.In most of the VR games, often through teleport to realize mobile - stationary people is passed on to the next point, but how much this at the expense of the loss of part of the immersive.

May be aware of the PC VR has too much bondage, mobile VR arises at the historic moment, Google Cardboard is a representative.People just need to open the VR application in mobile phone, it can be carried into VR box experience.High frequency use of mobile phones, however, obviously is not good for the depth of immersed VR experience, so the VR industry gradually developed independent mobile VR devices, and VR machine make mobile VR get rid of the dependence on mobile phone.

Mobile VR difficult run stably for a long time, however, all kinds of games, video content, it is difficult to meet the needs of ", severe VR users, it is more like for mild VR content experience.The ultimate goal of virtual reality is clearly creating another "real world", move the VR with this.May have to wait until 5 g technology popularization, edge computing ripe, mobile VR didn't have a chance to replace PC VR.For now, the choice of the AR is the highest mobile platform.

PC is not without for VR is optimized, in addition to the graphics performance "VR Ready", there are improvements - in order to reduce the product shape, the PC manufacturers integrate into the backpack, developed the VR backpack PC.However, a heavy backpack, short life and expensive price is a problem.HTC, main scissors transmission technology manufacturers such as plan is another way of thinking, cut it off and VR head cable between the host and, using wireless transmission way of connection and PC.

VR experience seems to be more and more freedom, but people still can not get rid of a dilemma: in a virtual environment, people will soon because too distracted and forget the eyes can't see the real world.Somewhat tragic consequences: the light fell, the handle is broken, and or display fracture, body injury, this tragedy is still on.So safety problem is particularly important.

Actually, HTC Vive, Oculus considered safety issues early in the Rift and other equipment.Their solution is to provide the size of the room set up, through the base station, sensors, such as marking out a range can play safe.When players immersed in the virtual world, is about to step out safety area as a "green barrier" to remind, but players usually noticed already too late.

The second solution is more obviously easier.It has long been witnessed in the trill applications such as the real world for VR special equipment: technical secondary school universal treadmill.In the protected "territory", people are permanently fixed in the middle of the equipment, do not need to worry experience VR brings security hidden danger, can even play in the big games "chicken", running, dodge.

But even universal treadmill. It is still not a mature "safe" solutions.Omni universal treadmill, for example, not to mention waist ring of different size, different sizes of special shoes for the user, just spend walking in to habits "pan", already running mode is prohibitive.In addition, multi-purpose "chicken" game in the universal treadmill also have limits on the game content, does not apply to all VR experience.

Virtual reality in the world market, samsung, Google, Facebook, SONY and HTC is one of the leading figures.The handset VR market, samsung, Google, and Facebook's Oculus, SONY and HTC is synonymous with high-end VR products.But these vendors, and VR products is still not mature.

VR technology facing bottlenecks:

Hardware bottlenecks.

AR demand for computing power an order of magnitude higher than the VR and CPU and GPU can not support at present, more can't guarantee on portable hardware implementation enough computing speed, storage, transmission rate, and battery life.

Image technology bottleneck.

Image recognition technology is not mature, especially in complex graphics, dynamic images, special scenario (night), etc., information screening, identification accuracy and precision rate are low, far from sufficient to support a consumer product;Real-time 3 d modeling technology lack: need to image recognition technology as the foundation, only in the laboratory stage;Great error in the precise positioning technology: far from commercial stage.

The data block.

In the real environment difference image video recognition need very large data size, such as on a street, street, face, clothing and other data;The data collection, storage, transmission, analysis techniques have problems need to be solved: only massive amounts of data cleaning, entry, is itself a vast project.

Only when the VR hardware ready, the content of the games, film and television, media, and other fields output would have keep up with the concurrent force.As Mr Buffett's "I fear" greedy, greedy temporarily cool consequence of VR industry.When the lack of cognition to itself, the precipitation mind set out again, effect may be better.


VR is the future, virtual reality industry practitioners always spare no effort to promote the VR equipment safety, reduce its bondage, infinite possibility for the future.Before long, perhaps, as the VR equipment security and other functions, people can overcome the fear of VR experience virtual reality.At that time, the top players of the world we distance is not far away.