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Although Not As Mainstream VR Is
- Aug 09, 2018 -

In 1999, the wachowski brothers guidance, starring keanu reeves the matrix let people have to think of the world.The virtual applications in the movie "the Matrix" to make people through the machine connection into the virtual world anytime anywhere.It makes people have a preliminary concept to virtual reality, and can not help but daydream will one day in real life to experience?

Today, VR has come a long way.Now VR has been closer to our daily life, it not only exists in the movie or high-end research and development work, it has quietly came to our side, even one day will become an indispensable part of our life.VR in the future would be developed into what appearance, it will influence or even change our life?

VR games

The game

Is one of the fastest progress of VR in the game field.In 2014, Facebook bought for $2 billion, one of the three largest host VR head show the Oculus Rift.Other technology giants will also be a lot of money into the development of VR hardware and software, including the HTC, SONY and samsung, and so on.

Increasingly fierce competition in the industry, market makers are preempted C end, hope in this from scratch to gain a foothold in the process of popularization of.And grab the market C contains the most importantVR games, we don't know how the companies in the field of VR games investment amount, but from the quantity and the developer to encourage policy point of view, enough to see the importance of VR games.

Now there are more and more game players to experience the joy of the game of VR games, it is a whole new game experience, different from previous host games.VR seems to be the 21st century one of the most important progress in the game field.


VR has played an important role in the medical field.There are many cases to use VR training surgeons, greatly reduce the teaching cost, also improve the quality of teaching, make every student can get hands-on practice opportunities.They can no longer use plastic model or waiting for donations of the human body.

Intel led EchoPixel VR medical company, the company USES the existing DICOM (digital imaging and communications medicine) data to send life-size, interactive medical images, can let the doctor look, interaction, and even in certain parts of the "anatomy", and can be used to diagnose and surgical purposes.VR power train more well-trained surgeon, this is our credit for all the human benefit.

In addition, the VR in the treatment of many mental illness and pain, also played a considerable role in rehabilitation training.The VR technology and is a panacea, but it does provide more solutions in medical treatment.

VR medical

Explore the world

Imagine, by map to understand the world is so boring to Chen, but if you can not out of the house is immersive?With the development of mobile applications andVR technologyThe rise of VR will let people sitting in a chair can explore the world in his own eyes.

Developers can provide potential buyers with unfinished building landscape and let visit between example online buyers.Museums around the world can't travel in the field for the sensory experience people place oneself among them, can even by VR, explore the seven wonders of the world.

VR can change the way we explore the world, reduce the limits and boundaries.As long as the content of the VR good enough quality, explore the unknown world in VR and actual presence seems to be no difference.

The film and television

Everyone in 3 d movie is no longer strange to watch 3 d movie when we need to wear red or blue lenses.Now VR progress means that we will soon get totally immersed in the movie in the comfort of home viewing experience.We can choose to play like the film and television works, but also can watch from different angles.Nature shows and documentaries can instantly make us place oneself in the amazon jungle or at the bottom of the sea diving.

VR technology in film and television field has endless possibilities.Maybe one day it will be like 3 d movies, like network television available.Only time can prove that the effects of VR, the influence of the only certainty is that it will be more and more big.

VR, film and television

We should look for in a VR how to deal with?

  Virtual realityThe future will involve more than the game controller and head show, it will bring more hardware form.Although virtual reality from the beginning focused on creating visual experience, but experts predict virtual reality will become more in the near future sensory oriented.

With all sorts of VR input device and controller of research and development, virtual reality will be the greater impact on every aspect of our lives.

Unfortunately, it looks to be not soon become mainstream VR.Experts predict that the popularity of it still needs a few years time.