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Alibaba Has Released ET's Brain AI/AR/VR/ Cloud Computing To Help Promote The Evolution Of The Olympics.
- Feb 11, 2018 -

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         Alibaba has brought the concept of "cloud to the Olympics" on the scene, and launched the ET Olympic brain based on aliyun.

The brain of aliyun ET is an artificial intelligence system for large-scale sports events such as the Olympic Games.On the basis of ali cloud powerful computing capacity, alibaba will computer vision, machine learning, IoT, big data technology combined with sporting events, such as promote Olympic evolve from four aspects:

        First, digital experience upgrading, using the Internet to create a better Olympic experience, involving tens of thousands of young people, let the Olympic Games have a younger blood;

Second, digital operation and upgrading, the use of artificial intelligence, IoT, big data and other technologies to improve the operation efficiency of Olympic cities, with fewer resources to run the Olympic Games;

        Third, digital competitive upgrading, using new technology to help athletes and coaches optimize training methods, reduce injuries, constantly refresh "higher, faster, stronger" goals;

        Fourth, the digital transmission upgrade, with the aid of a powerful "toolbox" cloud, youku high-quality rich video content, let the world billions of viewers can at any time, anywhere, follow one's inclinationsly experience moments of the Olympic Games.

       Brazil Rio Olympics in 2016, 18 days, the Olympic stadium in 15000 athletes, 3000 media, 3000 volunteers, and millions of tourists, greatly added to the Olympic village, venues, hotels, roads and other infrastructure load, solely on the past experience of management and technology increasingly restive.

Ali cloud to Olympic events related to people, things, events, construction, infrastructure, etc "digital", and apply to global real-time analysis, artificial intelligence, big data automatically allocate resources.For example, the traffic congestion point is pre-determined and the traffic efficiency is improved with the help of dynamic control signals.Through the remote control of the signal lamp, ensure that the ambulance arrives at the scene as soon as possible;Based on the analysis of pedestrian flow and prediction function, public safety warning should be conducted to avoid the occurrence of stampedes and other malignant events.

       Alibaba's concept of "Olympic passes" will also allow the games to enter the "face of the brush" era.The audience through the facial recognition security check and register a "pass" of the Olympic Games, just brush the face in the Olympic stadium "non-inductive traffic", also has access to the venue route navigation, competition information, athletes is recommended.

       For more off-site viewers, people used to watch it live on television, and now the young are doing it on different terminals, such as mobile phones and cars.Ali cloud ET the brain based on recommendation engines, to help the younger generation to get personalized recommendations, anytime and anywhere through the VR/AR technology such as gain immersive experience, and interact with like athletes.

      The athlete's athletic training also will be like a tiger.The Olympic brain of aliyun ET will use video recognition and Internet of things technology to generate detailed data for the training process to improve the performance of the athletes.Aliyun will also provide electronic health records management services to support the synchronization of medical data between host countries and host cities.

      Behind ET Olympic brain, ali cloud will use flying operating system will be millions of servers into a global network and computing resources in the form of online support Olympic organization operation of computing power.This will make the organization of Olympic events more economical and efficient.

      It is reported that alibaba in January 2017, with the international Olympic committee (ioc) period until 2028, long-term cooperation, alibaba became the international Olympic committee (ioc) in "cloud services" and "service" e-commerce platform in the field of the only official partner, as well as the founding partner of the Olympic channel.

      "The younger generation of participation" and "improve organization efficiency" of the Olympic Games is the most concerned about the two issues of the international Olympic committee (ioc) -- the international Olympic committee (ioc) the agenda the Olympic 2020 young people all over the world to participate in the Olympic movement as the core.Bach proposed in 2013 that he hoped to reduce the cost of duplicate construction by 2020 through digitalization and cloud reduction.By joining hands with alibaba, the international Olympic committee will realize the evolution of the Olympic Games to the digital age.