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Where will VR technology be used?
- Mar 19, 2018 -

VR and medical

Surgeon before the real operation, with the help of lines of VR technology, can repeatedly simulated operation on screen, and moving the body organs, finding the best operation scheme and improve proficiency;

In the virtual lab of the medical school, you can see the students performing "cadaver" dissection and various surgical exercises.

Students can not only feel the sense of touch in the simulated operation, but also can see the bleeding of the wound.

And you know what!?

Not only can surgeons use VR to simulate surgery,

As an audience, we can also watch the operation through VR "close range"!

VR with the game

vr game.jpg

The game is now considered to be the most easily accessible industry, also the most "money".

A lot of big games has a complicated story background, a game is like a new world, in order to increase the entertaining game, developers try to make the scene more real, more realistic action, and VR technology is the advantage of to let players, as it were, in the virtual world looking for can't satisfy the fun and a sense of achievement, in the real world if you put the "I'm playing the game" self-awareness weakening to a minimum, the VR in the field of game even if successful.

VR and movies/concerts.

Why do you like watching movies in the cinema instead of at home?

The answer is often simple: experience well.

Yes, from 3D, the movie has been dedicated to deepening the "immersive" experience, with IMAX and DMAX, including 4D, hoping to create a strong sense of presence in the audience.

The combination of VR and film is the ultimate in this experience.

Through VR, the audience will complete the viewing from the perspective of the characters in the film, and even directly participate in the plot without affecting the development of the plot line.

VR and travel

Would you like to go on a trip that says "walk"?

If you want to, then believe that there is no better way than virtual reality.

By the end of 2015, the marriott had launched a virtual travel experience that users could travel through the Oculus Rift to London or Hawaii.

An app called "The Wild Within" will allow you to experience The Wild life in your home.

In addition, Google's virtual history service can even take you to any inaccessible place in the world, such as the whole of Pompeii, the mysterious pyramid, and so on.

VR with E-commerce

After the double 11, many people are ready to return the package because the clothes they bought are not suitable.

If you can wear the upper body before placing the order, you may be able to save a lot of freight.

VR and sports competition

vr sports competition.jpg

The NBA's new season opener has become the first NBA game to be broadcast on VR.

Fans wear VR glasses at home as if they "drop" into the first row of the NBA.

There are also sports events broadcast on VR technology in China.

On November 6 of the same year, the international team of the Chinese KongFu was at the beginning of the battle at xi 'an fight center.

Notable is, the competition to a 360 ° panorama presented in a way that recorded all the way, after the match video on the Internet, users can close to appreciate these wonderful events "to fall to meat".

VR and news report


vr news report.png 

The time late October 13, 2015, 5 democratic presidential candidate for the first time a televised debate, tellingly, this year's presidential election first adopted the way of VR on live TV debate.

"Every viewer has a seat and a new view of the presidential race," CNN told the VR news broadcast.

For hundreds of years, the pattern of news coverage has been text, photos, sound, live video, and VR has upended textbooks.

ABC has introduced a virtual reality news report that allows readers to be in the news and move freely through VR technology.

The first VR news report was carried out in the Syrian capital, Damascus, where ABC news users received an immersive experience "in the Syrian war zone".

In the future, where there is a major news event, you can instantly become a witness in the news. News is no longer used to "see", but to "experience" and "experience".

VR and education


VR education.jpg 

In recent years, the advantages of online classroom and remote education have already been demonstrated. If we can cooperate with VR technology, the effect will be better.

Imagine wearing VR glasses and then you're in the classroom, you turn your head or head down and the scene changes.

Especially in the language learning, can have more real communication with the teacher.

VR and real estate

VR and real estate.jpg 

There is always a lot of difference between sample room and physical room.

If you use VR glasses, people can walk around the "room upstairs", experience every detail, and even look out the window to see the greening and spacing of the buildings.

People can even look at the thickness of the ceiling and wall, and use VR for pre-decoration.

VR and urban planning

VR urban planning.jpg 

VR technology not only can very visually show virtual city environment, and can very well simulate all kinds of weather conditions of cities, let people clearly understand the drainage system, power supply system, road traffic, ditches, lakes, etc., can simulate hurricanes, fires, floods, earthquakes and other natural disaster emergency, have important role on city planning.


These are just the tip of the iceberg that VR has changed human life.

After a few years, when the parents no longer, you put on the glasses, you can go back to the old days, the family gathered around the dinner table, eat the old rice, talk about the old days, they never go far.

Only when you take off your glasses will you find two rows of tears rolling down your eyes.

In the history of mankind, any technological innovation that could revolutionize our lives will ultimately change the way we live.