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What are VR entertainment applications?
- Apr 21, 2018 -

What are VR entertainment applications?


The rich sensory capabilities and 3D display environment make VR an ideal video game tool. Due to the fact that the requirements for realism of VR in entertainment are not too high, VR has developed most rapidly in this area in recent years. Such as Chicago (Chicago) opened the world's first large-scale VR entertainment system for multi-user use, its theme is a future war in 3025; Britain developed a VR game system called "Virtuality" with HMD has greatly enhanced the sense of reality. In 1992, a system called “Legeal Qust” increased the artificial intelligence function, enabled the computer to have a self-learning function, greatly enhanced the interest and difficulty, and made the system win the year. VR product award. In addition, VR also shows good prospects in home entertainment.

As a medium for transmitting display information, the potential application capabilities of VR in the future art field cannot be underestimated. The sense of presence and interaction that VR possesses can transform static art (such as oil painting, sculpture, etc.) into dynamic, allowing viewers to better appreciate the author's thought art. In addition, VR enhances artistic expression capabilities. For example, a virtual musician can play a variety of musical instruments. People with inconvenient handicap or far away people can enjoy a concert in a virtual concert hall in his living room. Wait.

The potential application of art also applies to education. For example, VR is a very powerful tool for explaining some complex system abstract concepts such as quantum physics. Lofin et al. established a "virtual physics laboratory" in 1993. Used to explain certain physical concepts such as position and velocity, force and displacement.

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