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Watching World Cup live new position 4 k VR technology know the original
- Jun 06, 2018 -

With the BBC Sports test new cutting-edge technology, the fans will be able to in the VR with Ultra HD resolution to watch the World Cup this summer.By VR head show, the audience will be transferred to a fully immersed venues, like sitting in his box.

The World Cup

By the BBC to broadcast live all 33 games would be free by the BBC Sports's 2018 World Cup "VR" application to watch.And will be broadcast on BBC One, 29 games will also provide Ultra HD formats.

Ultra HD TV could be obtained by high-speed Internet connection, and is first come first serve basis.After the program began, HD streaming will be via the BBC iPlayer interface, but allowed to enter the number of users will be limited to the size of the "tens of thousands of people".


The BBC's chief technology officer/product Matthew Postgate said: "from the broadcast on TV for the first time in 1954 World Cup, the first held in 1966 England World Cup title, to the 1970 World Cup for the first time play with color signal, and then to with full hd resolution to broadcast in 2006, the BBC in the whole history of the World Cup, as Britain's live audience presented significant technology breakthrough."

"Now, on the basis of these attempts, we will give the audience a chance to experience the future."

Ultra HD (Ultra - high definition), also is what we usually call 4 k, compared with the full HD resolution of 1080 p, contains four times as many as the number of pixels.This will present a previously obscure many of the details, including the yellow card or a red card in his hand the information written above, even the referee watches on time.

The football match

This technology makes full use of the higher performance of TV now compared to previous products, such as brightness, gray and dynamic range.As a result, the image of the shadow will not so dark, and highlight areas, including metal or water reflected light, can produce stronger visual impact.

In order to enjoy the best experience, the BBC said the audience will need 40 m bit/s Internet connection, low bandwidth users will find that they can only see the low resolution images.

Before the start of the tournament, the VR applications will line the iOS and android devices, it will also provide for Gear VR, Oculus Go and PlayStation VR head version.

In the process of watching, the audience can also switch position, in order to obtain high the perspective of "luxury private rooms" or two perspective behind the goal.

VR live

Is the 21st session of World Cup football match will be on June 14 2018 solstice in Russia on July 15, 11 of 12 cities in the stadium.This is the first time the World Cup held in Russia, is also the first time the World Cup held in the eastern European countries, at the same time is once again after the 2006 World Cup in Germany World Cup was held in Europe.

It will live by the BBC provides VR content, can bring the audience unprecedented viewing experience.