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VRAI introduced VR simulation experience minesweeping mogadishu forces
- Apr 17, 2018 -

Recently, content creation studio VRAI announced with working with the United Nations to create a 360 - degree VR experience, to simulate in mogadishu forces the challenges faced by every day.

The VR experience in somalia, by the United Nations on the initiative of the international day of lightning protection demonstration.In the experience, the team were buried on the way to the five along the improvised explosive device (IED), if there is any kind of situation is ignored, will be an explosion.

VRAI creative director Niall Champion says, "no one can clean up all five explosive devices."He said the experience with 360 - degree to capture, in order to ensure that the sense of reality can be together."If fully accomplished by CG, it looks very false."Champion said.

Defence forces said the VR experience can give provide certain help defense forces in somalia.

The project by providing a immersive VR experience, in order to improve the public awareness of IED in the region, and even the whole world.If not in this way, the audience is also rarely seen mine clearance action.In addition, when positioning IED pressure and the pressure brought by the mine itself, the audience to feel in a unique way, and closely linked with the ground soldier's life.