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VR will help law enforcement response to frequent campus shootings
- Jul 02, 2018 -

When the Hunter dickinson police senior police officer Easterling and his partner are questioning a sleep in the alley, the drunkard, he doesn't think the situation will become so bad.

Easterling when talking to the drunk, he noticed a very suspicious white van coming down the lane.

"Sir, please stay in your car!"Easteling command the unidentified man don't leave the truck.

However, the car people armed with weapons, and within a few seconds the police shot several times...The incident led to a very heavy fighting, but fortunately no one really hurt.


In fact, this is just a for real events happened in Arizona training scenes, is the Virtra dickinson police use portable VR training systems provided by one of 140 training scenario.

It is understood that the contents of these scenarios and difficulty are each are not identical, but Mike Hanel lieutenant thinks, from the $226000 worth of the lessons learned in the simulator is priceless, but also can strengthen the police field strain capacity.

"Our training is to make the officers to role-play in the virtual world," said Hanel."This system can let the officers more realistic, more immersive training, and put them under pressure, so as to improve our ability to observe, positioning, decision and action."

Often nervous, the real situation for police officers to provide a large number of decision-making ability in the Nick of time, for example, in the face of the shooting, ambush, riots, unrest scenarios such as domestic violence and even animals.Once the system formally incorporated into the daily training schedule, the plan is expected to improve the response time of the police officers to save more lives.


In another scenario, the emulator will arrange officers found in the park a suspected suspects, after a few seconds after talking, the man pulled out a gun and shot at the police and escape, from the seemingly normal conversation to shoot - and the whole process is only 1.7 seconds;In addition, there is a similar scene, an emotional man arguing with the police, and then quickly from his pocket and pulled out a mobile phone rather than a pistol, forcing police to make a decision in a flash.

"The training content, provided by the simulator will be over time and reduce the risk of a lot of unnecessary."Hanel said, "at present, the nationwide many law enforcement behavior caused the dissatisfaction of the masses, we can through this system to strengthen the training and defuse the situation."

The simulator for enforcement offers two key skills training: marksmanship and key decisions.VirTra simulator, however, it is worth mentioning that there is another very function: it can use the high quality and completely restore true panoramic photos as the training scene background, so as to provide the actual environment for training for police officers.


According to the FBI previously, according to data released since 2000, the United States there are as many as one-third of the mass shootings occurred on campus, it also makes like VirTra VR simulator has the potential to become the most effective tool for police officers to deal with the shooting.It is understood that the current various agencies across the country have gradually started to use this kind of VR simulator training, such as hospitals, schools, Banks, etc.

"We can walk along the street, the panoramic view of the local location, and then turn them into training with VR simulator scene."Hanel said.

It is understood that the simulator in the future will open to more areas of the law enforcement agencies, and help others better training to cope with various emergencies.