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VR voice technology
- Jan 22, 2018 -

In the VR system, voice input and output is also very important. This requires that the virtual environment understand people's language and interact with people in real time. Making computers recognize people's speech is quite difficult because of their "polygamy" and complexity of speech and natural language signals. For example, there is no obvious pause between words and words in continuous speech. The pronunciation of the same word and the same word is influenced by words and words. Not only different people say that the same word will be different, that is, the same person's pronunciation will be psychologically, Physiological and environmental impact is different.

The use of human natural language as a computer input There are two problems, the first is the efficiency of the problem, in order to facilitate computer understanding, the input voice may be very wordy. Followed by the correctness of the problem, the method of computer to understand the voice is to match, but no one's intelligence.