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VR virtual driving, making learning cars safer and more efficient
- Jan 18, 2019 -

VR virtual driving, making learning cars safer and more efficient

Potholes, collisions, uphills, downhills...There is no need to wind and sun in the train. As long as you stay in the air-conditioned room and wear the head display, you can simulate the real driving scene and simulate real accidents. Happening. This is the change brought about by VR virtual driving. If you put it before, can you believe it?

VR virtual driving

Not long ago, the implementation rules for the new rules for driving test were officially released. Many netizens lamented that the difficulty of the test was increasing, and it would be increasingly difficult to obtain a driver's license. However, with the improvement of living standards, driving has become an indispensable skill for modern people, and the number of applicants for driving schools is also growing.

What is virtual driving?

Virtual driving is based on virtual reality technology, content dynamic effects simulation and multi-dimensional dynamic technology to simulate real driving. It mainly uses a series of simulation hardware devices such as VR head display equipment and 1:1 simulation steering wheel to bring realistic training to the trainees. Car experience, improve training efficiency for driving schools.

It can also simulate traffic hazards that may occur in reality, such as vehicle collisions, drunk driving, highways, continuous sharp mountain roads, tunnels, rain (fog) days, wet roads, emergency disposal, etc. Targeted training to deepen the driver's driving feeling in bad weather conditions, enhance the driver's emergency response awareness and safe driving ability in an emergency.

1. The learning cycle is too long. In the case of a large number of students, the waiting time is long, and the time for real training is short, and it is impossible to fully study;

2. Most of the students have no time during the day, they can only practice the car on weekends. It is hard to have a feel. If they do not practice for a few days, they will be unfamiliar and the pass rate will be low.

3. There are too many students, and the coach needs rest. It is impossible to supervise at all times.

4. Stick to the rules, learn too standard, just learn to get the certificate, not to learn to learn the car, will not be dealt with in an emergency.

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