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VR training and training
- Jan 22, 2018 -

In some major security industries, such as oil and gas, rail transportation, aerospace and other fields, training before formal induction becomes very important. However, the traditional training methods are obviously not suitable for the training needs of high-risk industries. The introduction of virtual reality technology makes virtual training a reality. Combined with motion capture high-end interactive devices and 3D stereoscopic display technology, to provide trainers with a real environment exactly the same virtual environment. Trainers can interact in real-world immersion and interactivity by interacting with all the objects in the scene through human-computer interaction devices to experience real-time physical feedback and perform a variety of experiments.

Through virtual training, students can not only speed up their mastery of product knowledge, learn intuitively and improve the practical operation ability of employees, but also greatly reduce the teaching and training costs of the company and improve the training environment. The most important is that virtual training subverts the original boring teaching training model, explored a low-cost, high-efficiency training.