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VR/AR aviation summit immersion technology will bring about the industry's revolutionary
- Jun 27, 2018 -

About VR technology changes the voice of the tourism industry, the experts also very bullish on this technology will change the way we travel, but how does it do that?

Thanks to the international air transport association's new understanding, now we can more clearly understand the meaning of VR technology in aviation industry, the following is from the international air transport association held "aviation virtual/ar summit (AVARS)" to the emerging technology change the industry's three views:


Since 2014 Oculus Facebook acquisition, "this year is a year of VR to a mainstream" became the pet phrase of VR practitioners each year, but in fact the development of VR technology speed seems to be much slower than we had expected.

In order to make the emerging technology from the "curious" into a "utility", by the international air transport association at its Geneva headquarters held a two-day "VR/AR aviation summit (AVARS)", the conference attracted as many as 20 VR/AR companies and several developers to share their best practices and products:


All along, the training is one of the most outstanding cases in the field of VR.Fully immersive environment can not only help students get familiar with the visual plane degree, can also understand and aircraft interaction required for a variety of physical movements.

To this end, American airlines flight attendants and empty p VR training system creates a complex environment, to help them build muscle memory of all kinds of emergencies.In addition, airbus is planning to build a VR system for the pilot training.


VR training cannot really replace real machine, of course, but it can greatly reduce the training time, this to have a large number of major airlines crew was very helpful.VR trainingAnother big advantage is the ability to train more students in the limited space, and can customize according to the training data of each participant training content.And for the students, they can relaxed state of mind in the virtual reality environment, not afraid to make mistakes.

Design and presentation

VR/AR technology is to build a new product concept prototypes and the best way to present products in various environments.Compared with building the physical prototype, VR/AR technology is much cheaper.Similarly, VR can replace the traditional 2 d storyboards, and product managers and engineers can also gives its new concept more intuitive views and ideas.

Some companies (such as airbus, wyeth, akzo Nobel and other well-known companies) by using AR technology for their early customer product visualization shows: for example, demonstration aircraft seat configuration and the layout of the airport service station and so on.


Is one of the most representative example, the well-known Lufthansa throughVR technologyTo promote its advanced cabin ticket: through the establishment of an advanced VR model of cabin, can provide an attractive visual experience.

Maintenance and remote assistance

As technical support personnel and engineers a powerful tool for remote perform maintenance and maintenance, only AR technology via mobile phones or tablets can be static instructions into can be interactive, at the same time to show the new parts to staff should be put in what position, or fault in where and so on, at the same time you can also add tags to indicate what to do next or what kind of parts and tools, and so on.


AR also allows more experienced staff remote assist junior staff.Previously, scavenged aerospace company has developed a special kind of wearable devices, allowing senior staff to see what other staff to see the remote, and with the aid of VR technology markers or command work content, all of which will be a wearable worn by staff at the scene on the screen.

Of course, in addition to the above points, for all visitors is VR/AR technology can also do more for us.It was not long ago, Magic Leap announced a revolutionary technology for air New Zealand tourism industry and travel - create immersive experience.

Believe in the future, VR/AR technology will bring us more surprise!