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Tokyo akihabara large space VR experience reporter: large space, many people, but no interaction.
- Apr 08, 2018 -

Players can buy tickets at the scene, the price is for each 1500 yen, or about 88 yuan.Although compared to the price of domestic some large space VR experience will be a little higher, but considering the local price level, 88 yuan is not expensive.VR net (micro public letter number: VR platform) to edit a line of four tickets for the experience.

Many people experience at the same time, each other interference

Unlike imagination, the experience is not fighting or athletic teams of four players fight, but in different period of admission experience respectively.Although in this piece of about 40 square meters of space, but can not see each other, also won't appear the situation of the mutual interference, for their plot.Believe that the developers on the design of the game content and processes it took some time.


Up to three people at the same time in the field experience in the field.But as a result, players of the time, and the position of the after admission, by staff is required to arrange and guide, to prevent interference.

Advantage, players can play along to, do not need to wait until enough number to enter, even if only a player to experience, can also direct admission.Of course this also leads to a lack of fun.According to game developers Skonec said that this year will be launched in support of the people group version, in VR net (micro public letter number: VR platform) editor's opinion, is worth waiting for.

Mainstream hardware devices, head of the effect is good

Then say SEGA VR AREA Akihabara used equipment.Unlike common experience of large space VR, there is no use HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, but use, is the domestic manufacturers pettitte 4 k of the head.VR net (micro letter before the public number: VR platform) has been on the assessment, click on view.The first show, compared with two other definition has large improvement, in the process of experience to feel more detailed picture.

But pettitte 4 k itself is no positioning system, directly here combines Optitrack optical positioning technology.By the way, if the player himself purchased pettitte 4 k, can consider collocation NOLO to achieve 6 dof position tracking, the effect is very good.


Backpack and computer has become the standard of the experience of the large space VR SEGA VR AREA Akihabara using the msi computer.Back in the body weight can also accept, of course can be more lighter will be better.In addition, between the backpack and players back there will be a layer of stents, may slightly reduce oppressive feeling, but also conducive to heat dissipation.In addition to body feeling from PPGUN gun, can say is a familiar face.Cooperate with Optitrack optical camera positioning and attached to the head, vests, gloves, feeling some anchor point on the gun body, can achieve the most three large space of each other noninterference VR user experience.

In addition, some of the gaming experience interactive also need players with the hand (also with an anchor point on the gloves, you can see in the game of virtual hand) to implement, and further enhance the sense of immersion.

Players to each other, but the lack of social elements

To speak about the process experience again.First of all, the staff will teach players how to operating equipment, can under the guidance of the staff after admission to experience.As mentioned above, a number of players is not admission experience at the same time, but there will be a few minutes of time interval, the staff into the court began to experience, and therefore different players will be at different stages of the game.Game plot is very simple, still give priority to in order to shoot all kinds of zombies and monsters, some of them where the players around.

It is worth mentioning that SEGA VR AREA Akihabara game can choose Chinese version here, there will be Chinese, from the domestic players experience the language barrier when (located in shinjuku VRZONE are some experience project provides Chinese explanation, there's plenty seems to come from the domestic number of players).


Before starting experience, game players can choose the difficulty.In the experience of ten minutes after the end, can see his scoring and rating.Game experience, although is very exciting, but a competition between peers can only reflect the final score, will feel the lack of some social elements.VR net (WeChat public number: VR platform) editing Suggestions, in the future you can set the two experiences, one is single mode, the existing three players to each other, each with their own experience.Another is a team experience, many people in the same space can see teammates, will make the game fun increased substantially.

In addition, still can make optimization in some places, such as in the process of experience occasionally see another player's hand and floating in space, some strange, may be a BUG.In addition, now that we have to wear the complex optical positioning equipment, why not do some articles on foot?Such as the player position the shoe strap with anchor point.So that players in the game according to the indicating arrow when walking, don't because can't see yourself in the foot, feeling lack of something.

Large space VR experience, will be promising

Whether The United States of The VOID, Australia's Zero Latency, or domestic YiKuiSi and magic, you can see large space VR experience already more and more popular now.After all the high-end VR experience except to buy VR head show equipment also need larger space, generally players cannot achieve such conditions in the home.And large space VR experience places tend to have broad activity space, in which the player can gain immersive VR experience.


In addition to being able to provide the exciting experience to the players, the heat of the large space VR experience growing for VR industry enterprises is also a good opportunity.Content development, positioning system, head show equipment, body feeling peripherals and so on, also will benefit.Traditional offline entertainment forms urgently needs to upgrade, can also use VR experience for its large space to add new selling points, what do you think?