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To accelerate and optimize the prototype BMW using VR technology car interior development
- Apr 20, 2018 -

Mixed reality combines can be used to accelerate and optimize the real prototype of car development and virtual simulation.BMW says his application is in the lead in this respect, and they used technology in the field of consumer electronics and computer games, glasses, and a new generation of data to help users very realistically see more and more parts and vehicle functions.Through this way, the generated by digital experience can enhance the perception of physical components.

BMW using mixed reality are car interior trim development of a field.As shown, they combined the computer-generated simulation and interior model, which can help them conceive the future of the product model in the early development stage.After passed the sketch design, they can be combined with 3 d head for testing and debugging.

Vehicle functions and interior design can be achieved by visual experience rapid modeling.So that they can simulate the experience of driving through the city, while the test ring views of the surrounding area, according to the perspective or seat position to see if the display clearly readable or difficult to touch.Throughout the development stage, it will offer engineers a as if sitting on a real car, in a real sense of driving situations.

BMW adopted in this taskEpic GamesUreal 4 engine, it can bring about 90 frames per second, the stability of the rendering, at the same time can achieve the quality of the photo realistic level.Computing components are chosen contains water overclocking components of high-end console, includingIntelThe core i7 and two nvidia Titan X graphics card.BMW thinks head show the hardware and software in the future, there will continue to progress, so they will evaluate and update on a regular basis.

So BMW is adopted, for example, it's not enough to just rely on visual reusable interior components.Thanks to the rapid prototyping technology, mixed reality experience can further enhance the awareness of the designer.Precise stereo playback can strengthen the immersive experience, and then combined with VR model, which can help designers experience vehicle in different environment.