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The V razer flight racing profile time is running out fast
- May 18, 2018 -

V razer flying car is a car racing game with fast rhythm, it bodes VR's future.

Advantages: overhand simple, gorgeous scene

The V razer flight racing profile: time is running out fast

The game is very simple, handle control acceleration and deceleration, head to control the direction, and commonMobile phone VRA similar game, so still very easy to fit in.As for the whole scene reduction degree is high, and the real circuit difference is not big, and the design is also very good.The game offers a variety of patterns, such as common prop, racing mode, early experience a bit mean.In addition, support network online game, but with the majorityVR gamesAs there is no player.

Weakness: the playability is general, the price is too expensive

The V razer flight racing profile: time is running out fast

While greatly reducing the driving the car game, but is too general feedback on performance.In the game, the player can only control the direction and do the corresponding deceleration, and there is no too much stimulation, so let a person feel the game is not so fun.Price, the game now sells for 70 yuan, the general basic RMB 30-40 Steam VR games, "V; razer flying car far higher than the average level of prices, but does not provide a shine at the moment of experience, so the price is more general.

To sum up, the game offers extreme love racing players only.