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The ministry of education and Microsoft have agreed to launch the VR education application training and laboratory construction project.
- Mar 06, 2018 -

According to the cooperation, the two sides will jointly promote the virtual reality technology in the education industry application of teaching training programs include building meet the demand of the laboratory construction of hardware and software environment, in view of the audience courses courseware, as well as the scene of the training content.

Application of virtual reality teaching training programs will be combined with the current virtual reality, augmented reality technology application and broad market prospects, through a nationwide selection for multiple virtual reality technology laboratory school construction and organization of the virtual reality technology related training, to help teachers understand the latest progress of virtual reality technology, quick mastery of virtual reality technology basic theory and practice of Microsoft HoloLens application scenarios, help the teacher daily teaching activities, teaching from two-dimensional boring text description, and the plane of the blackboard slides explain model into a rich 3 d visualization of the new teaching mode, and make learning become more intuitive, vivid, interesting and efficient.

According to the plan, the education management information center of the ministry of education will choose the organization, coordination, publicity and guidance for the construction of multiple virtual reality technology laboratories nationwide.

Will be based on Microsoft China education partners and the related cooperation agreement, in the virtual reality technology lab software and hardware construction, training courseware and training of teachers, Microsoft related certification to provide necessary resources, provide guarantee for project implementation.